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Compatible with: FSX and FS2004 

The Gulfstream III is a mid-sized, high performance corporate jet. Introduced in 1983, this high speed aircraft is typically outfitted for up to 24 passengers including a crew of two. The GIII was designed to operate from smaller fields and can land on runways less than 6000 feet in length.
Its two Rolls-Royce engines with 11,000 lbs of thrust each enable it cruises at Mach .86 at 45,000 ft and has a long range of 4100 nm. Our Premier Collection Gulfstream III model includes three handsome liveries. We hope that you enjoy flying these great performing corporate jets.

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Length 83 ft 1 in
Height 24 fy 5 in
Wing Span 77 ft 8 in
Engines 2 x Rolls Royce Spey MK-511-8 turbofans
Power 11,400 lbs thrust each
Takeoff 130 kts, 5562 ft
Landing 135 kts, 4,306 ft
Max Takeoff Weight 69,700 lbs
Max Fuel 4,190 gallons
Max Speed Mach .86 @ 35,000 ft
Ceiling 45,000 ft
Range 4,106 nm


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Price: $10.00

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