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Aircraft Design - in depth know-how

The first three books in the
series are now available as
PDF downlods

For twelve years, professional and hobbiest alike have relied on FS Design Studio to create tens of thousands of Flight Simulator flyable aircraft. FS Design Studio is built from the ground up specifically for Microsoft Flight Simulator and includes an abundance of tools and features which make it so very powerful.

Adam Howe has completed the first five books in his Aircraft Design Guide series with the goal of showing you how to build quality aircraft from start to finish. When completed the series will cover these areas of design:

If you haven't yet done so, get started designing aircraft with FS Design Studio.

New Camera Book Series - "Great pictures are born in the camera"

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We've recently launched our Stay Focused guides for users of the following digital SLR cameras.

Each of these book is loaded with tips for getting it right in the camera. You'll be taking gallery quality photos in no time at all. These are all available either in hardcopy or convenient, fast delivery via PDF download.

  • Canon XSi
  • Canon XS
  • Nikon D40
  • Nikon D60
  • Nikon D3000
  • Canon T2i - NEW
  • Nikon D5000 - NEW
  • 30 Second Guide to 30 Second Videos - NEW

Also available for iPhone and iPad.

For more info about the Stay Focused Guides, please click here.

Military Helicopters 2 - Available Now

Here's an impressive collection of some of the most popular rotorcraft from the various militaries around the globe:

  • UH-1H Huey
  • VH-3D Marine One
  • AH-64D Apache
  • AH-64D Apache Longbow
  • Eurocopter Tiger
  • SA-342 Gazelle
  • CH-46 Sea Knight
  • UH-60 Blackhawk

For more info about the Miltary Helicopters 2, please click here.

Platinum Collection - superior aircraft - Available now

Cessna 162 SkyCatcher

Three years ago, we started a new series called the Platinum Collection. These are superior aircraftl.

Our newest aircraft in the Platinum Collection is Cessna's first Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) - the Cessna 162 SkyCatcher With a control stick instead of yoke, fixed gear and upward swinging doors, it's a new look and also equipped with Garmin 300 avionics.

Other superior aircraft are two classics: the Lockheed Constellation and PBY-5 Catalina.

For more information, please click here.


UAV Predator - Available Now

From the start, the UAV Predator was designed to be a remotely-controlled reconnaisance aircraft.

So far its had successful missions. From a safe ground station tens of thousands of miles away, it can be flown into very dangerous and risky locations with stealth and surprise.

You'll fly the Predator from either the ground stations's control panel or from spot view. It's ready to serve anywhere in the world!

For more info about the UAV Predator, please click here.

International Fighters - Available Now

International Fighters has all of these mighty aircraft from all corners of the world.

  • V-22 Osprey®
  • F-15 Strike EagleTM
  • MiG-29 Fulcrum
  • Saab Viggen
  • F-117 NighthawkTM
  • SU-33 Flanker
  • F-35 Lightning II®
  • AS565 Panther
  • F-111 Aardvark
  • Eurofighter Typhoon
  • Mirage 2000

For more info about the International Fighters, please click here.

Gift Certificates - convenient way to shop for the holidays

Avoid the crowds by shopping online.

We offer gift certificates in two denominations - $25 and $50.

When you order, we'll send the validated gift certificate directly to you. You can then email the gift certificate to your recipient together with your personal greeting and message.

Please note that discounts do not apply to the purchase of a Gift Certificate.

Gift Card are a safe, simple and convenient way to shop for the holiday.

$25 Gift Certificate
$50 Gift Certificate

"Fly Before You Buy" - New Aircraft - Premier Collection has more than 50 planes

These are all "fly before you buy" for only $10 each.

  • SA 342 Gazelle - NEW French and British support copter for FSX
  • UH-60 Blackhawk - NEW easily recognizable attack chopper for FSX
  • Eurocopter Tiger - NEW utility helicopter now serving for FSX
  • UH1H Huey - NEW most widely used military chopper for FSX
  • F-15C Fighting Falcon - NEW mighty air superiority for FSX
  • AS565 Panther - NEW versatile military chopper for FSX
  • Mirage 2000 - NEW mainstay of the French Air Force for FSX
  • MiG-29A Fulcrum - NEW Russian powerhouse at Mach 2.4 for FSX
  • AV-8B Harrier - NEW vertical takeoff and landings for FSX
  • BAe 146 - NEW 4-engine commuter seats 85 for FSX
  • Saab 2000 - NEW superfast regional turboprop for FSX
  • Socata TBM 850 - NEW business-oriented turboprop for FSX
  • Maule MT-235 - NEW heavy-dury utility-bush plane for FSX
  • Cessna L-19 Bird Dog - NEW long used military liaison aircraft for FSX
  • Beech 1900D - NEW well-known commuter aircraft for FSX
  • B-2 Spirit - NEW combines stealth and speed for FSX
  • Adam 500 Prop - NEW unique design composite for FSX
  • Adam 700 Jet - NEW the turbofan "sister" of the Adam 500 for FSX
  • Zenith CH801 - NEW 4-place STOL is airborne in just 300 feet for FSX
  • Cessna 185 NEW wheeled and float versions for FSX
  • Airbus A-319 NEW widely used airliner now for FSX
  • F6F-5 Hellcat NEW highly successful WWII fighter for FSX
  • F4F-4 Wildcat NEW Another Navy and Marine WWII classic for FSX
  • F/A-18E Super Hornet - NEW carrier/ground attack fighter for FSX
  • F-16C Fighting Falcon - NEW most widely used fighter for FSX
  • F-35 Lighting II JSF - NEW next generation joint strike fighter for FSX
  • A-4E Skyhawk - NEW Viet Nam era carrier-based fighter for FSX
  • P-61B Black Widow - NEW night fighter from WWII for FSX
  • S-3A Viking - NEW versatile military aircraft for FSX
  • DeHavilland DHC-6 Twin Otter - NEW classic STOL utility for FSX
  • Fairchild-Dornier 328Jet - NEW popular regional jet for FSX
  • DeHavilland DHC-8-Q200 - NEW the famous "Dash 8" for FSX
  • Saab 340B - NEW regional turboprop for 35 passengers for FSX
  • McDonnell Douglas MD-11 - NEW Three engine airliner for FSX
  • Gulfstream III - NEW Luxury corporate jet for FSX
  • Embraer ERJ-190 - NEW Another sleek regional jet for FSX
  • Piper Tri-Pacer - NEW A classic aircraft from Piper for FSX
  • Bombardier CRJ-900 - NEW Popular regional jet for FSX
  • Diamond D-Jet - Single "VLJ" provides economical flight for FSX
  • Grob SPn ExecuJet - Utility Jet from Grob Aerospace for FSX
  • Pilatus PC-12 High performance turbo prop for FSX
  • ATR-72 Well-known turbo-prop for airliner short hauls for FSX
  • Diamond Katana DA-20 New generation of easy flying trainers for FSX
  • T-38C Talon NEW Jet trainer for Top Gun candidates for FSX
  • Symphony 160 - NEW Economical Single for FSX
  • Beech Bonanza V35 - NEW Beechcraft's distinctive 'V-Tail' for FSX
  • Safire Jet - NEW will it usher in air taxi service? for FSX
  • Socata TB21 - NEW One of Europe's favorite singles for FSX
  • Cessna Mustang NEW Cessna's first very light jet for FSX
  • Cessna 182T NEW Mainstay of the Cessna lineup for FSX
  • A-10 Thunderbolt II NEW Designed for heavy duty for FSX

They're all ready for you to test fly. To browse our huge selection click here.

We Celebrate our 33rd Anniversry - a long ride from 1978 to today

We started Abacus in 1978 when most people hadn't even heard about the personal computer. We founded our company to produce a few products for a very small but promising market. Developers such as ourselves formed a tight circle around a few brand names - Dec, Altair, Radio Shack, Apple, Commodore, to name a few - to write software to get the personal computers to do fun or useful activities.

At first, a corner of our kitchen and the basement formed the premises for Abacus which was a part-time operation while I continued a full-time job as a system analyst. In a short while, the Commodore Pet computer proved to be a market success which in turn pulled Abacus up by the bootstraps. It was then that I made the risky decision to leave my secure position with a large international corporation to venture out into the unknown world of self-employment ... and out of the house too.

For more about our early years, please click here.

Civil Air Patrol - training the next generation of aviators

Many of you already know that the majority of the 60,000+ members of the Civil Air Patrol volunteer their time and expertise to the service of our nation. For several years now, we have been working with the CAP to produce add-ons for Flight Simulator that helps them train their members to use their sophisticated tools and techniques, especially for search and rescue operations.

Together we collaborated to develop aircraft, navigation equipment and tools that mimic the way in which these operations are performed. These elements are part of our well-known CAP Search & Rescue add-on for both FSX and FS2004.

We received this link from CAP's Marie Neese that demonstrates how the software is used by various CAP squadrons. Visit the Civil Air Patrol site to see first hand how our software is helping train the next generation of aviators.

For more information about CAP Search & Rescue, please click here.

eCard Animator - send entertaining messages across the Internet

Our new eCard Animator lets you quickly send animated, musical eCards instantly by email.

With a huge library with hundreds of pre-made templates, you're ready to personalize your message with words, photos, music and animation in just seconds.

Alternatively, you can design your own greetings from scratch with exacting graphics, animation and text.

Use eCard Animator to make humorous, heartwarming, clever and friendly greetings that stand out from the crowd. For more information, please click here.

Fighter Pilot 2 - Available Now

Fighter Pilot 2 is an all-new package that draws it heritage from our previous best selling add-on. Flying fighters epitomizes the extraordinary piloting skill needed to master these powerful aircraft. We've assembled some of the mightiest US fighters into this new add-on for FSX and FS2004:

  • F-14 Tomcat
  • F-15 Eagle
  • F-16 Fighting Falcon TM
  • EA-18G Growler TM
  • F-22 Raptor TM

We've now released this exciting package. For more info about the Fighter Pilot 2 , please click here.

Fighter Pilot 2 is produced under license from Lockheed Martin. F-16 Fighting FalconTM and F-22 Raptor TM are among the trademarks owned by Lockheed Martin.
Fighter Pilot 2 is produced under license from Boeing Management Company. EA-18G Growler TMis among the trademarks owned by Boeing.

Bigfoot Hunter - Free download for FSX users

To show off our new Mission Collection Series, creative developer Ron Jeffers put together this new Bigfoot Hunter which he's making available at no charge to all FSX flyers. You'll be on the hunt for the hairy monster in the Northern bushes.

If you enjoy the excitement of the hunt, you should also consider two other members of our Mission Collection Series - Battle for Zeebrugge and Day of the Zeppelins, click here.

To get your FREE copy of Bigfoot Hunter , please click here.

Mission: WWI Dogfight - Available Now

Few would argue that one of the top features of FSX is the addition of missions.

Early on, we cut our teeth by introducing the well-known add-ons Mission: Blackhawk and Mission: Combat Force in which ace developer Ron Jeffers demonstrated his mastery of mission scripting, audio production, special effects and scenery inclusion.

Aircraft makers Daniel Dunn and David Chester have recreated these legendary planes from early 1900's and teamed up with Ron to produce our newest title Mission: WWI Dogfight.

  • Sopwith Pup
  • Fokker DR.1
  • Avro 504
  • Nieuport 17
  • R-Class Super Zeppelin

Available now. For more info about the Mission: WWI Dogfight, please check here.

These gorgeous aircraft are for both FSX and FS2004 and FSX. Mission are for FSX only.

Mission Collection - New Series of Downloadable Missions

Missions are perhaps the most compelling new feature of Flight Simulator X. Top notch missions can turn a sleepy flight into an adventure filled with suspense, challenge and excitement.

Since the release of FSX, we've been diligently turning out complete full-length missions. Starting with wholesome prime grade aircraft, we add a liberal amount of creative juices, inject some robust imagination, sprinkle in some technical genius, layer in some humorous narrative and top it off with lots of value.

Thus far we've released several complete mission add-on packages including Mission: Blackhawk, Mission: Combat Force and Mission: WWI Dogfight.

Now we're launching a new Mission Collection. Each title in the series includes a top-notch aircraft and adventurous script at a value price. The first two titles are Battle for Zeebrugge and Day of the Zeppelins.

For more info about the Battle for Zebbrugge, please check here.

For more info about the Day of the Zeppelins, please check here.

Coming soon in the Mission Collection are the new Bush Pilot Mission and Train Busters Mission.

Price Reduction - World & USA Extreme Landscapes Bundle - 4 DVDs provides worldwide coverage

We've lowered the price on our World & USA Extreme Landscapes Bundle. It transforms Flight Simulator X's scenery into spectacular views.

Standard FSX scenery uses elevation data where the points are separated by 610 meters but Extreme Landscapes boosts the accuracy to 78 meters (in some locations to 38.2, 19.1 and 9.6 meters) to achieve an increase in detail of 16 times.

We've combined two bestselling add-ons into a single BUNDLED World & USA Extreme Landscape's at one low price. The package now features 4 DVDs of ultra-accurate data. Your jaw will drop in amazement as you fly through the majestic Grand Tetons, the South American Andes, the highlands of Keyna, the mountain ranges of the Himalayas, the jungles of Indonesia, and elsewhere around the globe.

To enjoy the new terrain, you'll fly the included "flightseeing trips" in a new Liberty XL2 and Socata TB21 Trinidad aircraft. They'll take you to places you have only dreamed about. This new package is brought to you by Justin Tyme and FS Genesis.

For more info, click here .

Air Force One - President Bush visits Las Vegas KLAS

January 30 , 2008

President Bush stopped in Las Vegas for a few hours for two meetings. For security, the local police closed the aircraft viewing area on Sunset making it difficult to get an unobstructed siting. To take these photos, we stopped at a gas station on Sunset and used a long telephoto lens.

Commuter Xpress 2 - fly the short hops in 6 regional airlines - Available Now

The airline industry is fiercely competitive. In this landscape, commuter airlines are playing a vital part in the quest for profits. Using the hub city approach, airlines are building a route system in which the commuters fly passengers from smaller towns to hub cities where they board larger aircraft for longer flights to distant cities.

Commuter Xpress 2 has you flying six smaller aircraft on some of these smaller routes. We challenge you to keep profitable with these airliners:

  • Bombardier CRJ-900
  • DeHavilland DHC-8-200 "Dash 8"
  • Dornier 328 Prop
  • Dorner 328 Jet
  • Embrarer ERJ-190
  • Saab 340B

For more information, please click here.

Carrier Strike Force - three new carriers, three new aircraft - Available now

click to see (6MB)

Because it appeals to those who are challenged by aircraft carrier-flight, our top selling Flight Deck 5 is has become one of our flagship products over the years. In fact, the Flight Deck series has more than 100,000 flyers.

Carrier Strike Force is a great new follow-on. You'll fly from the deck of three new carriers: USS Bonhomme Richard, the British HMS Illustrious and the French Charles de Gaulle. At your command are the futuristic F-35 Lighting II Joint Strike Fighter, the workhorse AV-8B II Harrier and the sleek Rafale M.

With features that take advantage of FSX's mission system, this is a must-have add-on. Ron Jeffers has again applied his great skills and has teamed up with Rhys Eddy and Robert James to produce this exciting package.

For more information, please click here.

Carrier Strike Force is produced under license from Lockheed Martin. F-35C Lighting II TM and F-35C Joint Strike FighterTM are among the trademarks owned by Lockheed Martin.
Carrier Strike Force is produced under license from Boeing Management Company. AV-8B Harrier II PlusTMis among the trademarks owned by Boeing.

Flight Deck 5 - now a bestseller in USA

click to see
video (6 MB)

For many years, we've been wowing users worldwide with our Flight Deck Series of add-ons. With Flight Deck, we've introduced the thrill of aircraft carrier operations to hundreds of thousands of Flight Simulator users. Newly introduced in October, Flight Deck 5 is already a bestseller in chain and computers stores throughout the USA.

With great new features especially optimized for FSX's mission system, it's another must-have add-on. Creative developer Ron Jeffers has again applied his great skills and has teamed up with Rhys Eddy and Robert James to produce this exciting package.

For more information, please click here.

Flight Deck 5 is produced under license from Boeing Management Company. Boeing F/A-18C HornetTM and F/A-18E Super HornetTM are among the trademarks owned by Boeing.

First Commercial Flight for A380 - Jumbo Lands in Sydney

The A380 just moments after landing


One of the articles in FS Free Press documents the arrival of Singapore Airlines Flight 380 in Sydney. The flight represents the completion of the first commercial flight of this brand new double-deck super jumbo that now replaces the famed Boeing 747 as the largest passenger jet.

As configured by Singapore Airlines, this aircraft features 12 first class suites, 60 business class seats and 399 economy class seats. All tickets for the inaugural flight were sold by auction on eBay and raised more than $1.4 million to be donated to two Australia children's hospitals.

To read the article about the arrival, please go to FS Free Press.

"Our Partnership with the Civil Air Patrol " - Computer Giveaway

Standing in the Abacus offices are (L to R) Adam Howe, Paul Lee, Sharon Wandrey and Scott Slaughter overlooking the new gaming computer that's now on its way to CAP Squadron 902 and Kevin Weaver. Congratulations.

As part of our ongoing partnership with the Civil Air Patrol, we jointly developed the CAP Search & Rescue add-on. This package provides cadets and pilots with realistic training using Microsoft Flight Simulator saving both time and aviation fuel. This year, in conjunction with the CAP's National Conference in Atlanta, we held a contest to award a high performance gaming computer to one of hundreds of CAP squadrons. We're happy to announce the winner of this computer:

Kevin Weaver
CAP Squadron 902
Willow Grove JRB in Pennsylvania

The new computer, flight yoke, flight pedals, Microsoft Flight Simulator X and Civil Air Patrol Search & Rescue are now on its way to Kevin and Squadron 902. Thanks to all of the CAP members who visited us during the National Conference. For more info about the Civil Air Patrol and its 55,000 members, click here.

A big thanks to CAP's Marie Neese for helping coordinate the contest. For more information about the Civil Air Patrol Search & Rescue add-on, click here.

CAP Search & Rescue - BONUS Edition - now with 7 aircraft for FSX & FS2004

We've just added five new planes to the original CAP Search & Rescue package making a total of seven CAP aircraft in this special BONUS Edition.

Our CAP Search & Rescue package for both FSX and FS2004 has you flying their aircraft and using specialized equipment to undertake some of these important missions.

Using our exclusive Mission Builder, you'll create your own rescue scenarios complete with search object, target area, CAP-style search pattern and flight plan, ELT homing device, more.

Do you know that tens of thousands of Civil Air Patrol volunteers fly more than 100,000 hours each year performing lifesaving tasks? After last year's devestating hurricanes, CAP members flew 1000 missions and 2000 hours flying survivor search, aerial photography and official transport missions on half of state and federal governments and 50,000 volunteer hours. You might say that they are among America's 'Everyday Heroes'. For detailed information, about the CAP, please see the CAP's Annual Report to Congress

Search & Rescue BONUS Edition is now available via download or on CD-ROM. For more information, click here.

FS Free Press - New articles in our e-magazine for Flight Simulator - they're all FREE

FS Free Press is our well-known e-zine for users of Flight Simulator. Thousands regularly read these imformative, insightful articles about flying easier and better. Our goal is to keep your flight sim sessions maxed out. In his latest article, Scott Slaughter describes many of the techniques that are used by airplanes and helicopters to combat wildfires that destroy natural resources, property and lives.

Best of all, this article and many others are delivered to you instantly and as its name suggests - they're FREE. Visit FS Free Press now to subscribe.

FS Design Studio - New Version 3.5 - Now Shipping

Make Aircraft
& Animated 3D Scenery


Before Louis Sinclair invented FS Design Studio more than five years ago, there was no practical way to design aircraft and scenery to take advantage of the features in then-new FS2000.

The launch of FSDS with its easy-to-use "what you see is what you get" look convinced a large number of users to take up design. Since then, tens of thousands of hobbyists have used FS Design Studio to create a phenomenal number of aircraft and scenery objects for subsequent releases of Flight Simulator.

Never content with today's features, users asked for even more so they can push the design envelope even farther. Louis has now completed Version 3.5 of this remarkable software. With new and improved tools for cutting and shaping, cloning and animating for FSX and FS2004. FS Design Studio V3.5 is ready to take on the most challenging design tasks for FSX and beyond.

Start your own aircraft factory with FS Design Studio V3.5.

For more information about FSDS V3.5 click here.

Users of FSDS V2.xx click here to upgrade.

Mission: Combat Force - Second title in our new Mission Series for FSX - Available Now

Our bestselling Mission Series uses the exciting features that are part of Flight Simulator X's new Mission Building Kit. This is the second add-on in the Mission Series.

This time, you'll be piloting the famed A-10 Warthog in some very unconventional and very challenging adventures.

These full-length missions were developed by the team of Ron Jeffers and Phil Castellanos. The A-10 aircraft and cockpits were designed and implemented by Dave Eckert, Frank King and Adam Howe.

Mission: Combat Force is available now for convenient download delivery or on CD-ROM.

The retail channel has already placed orders for thousands of this add-on. It will soon be available nationwide. For more information or to hear some of the missions, please click here.

FS Repaint - Version 2 Available Now - Repaint you FSX & FS2004 aircraft

Developed by Jorge Santoro and Marco Paulo da Silva

For years, FS Repaint has been the tool of choice for users wanting to repaint their FS aircraft. This new version brings you more features and for both FSX and FS2004.

You'll marvel at the ease with which you can immediately view the aircraft in 3D from any direction as you make your changes on screen. Using FS Repaint you no longer have to start and stop Flight Simulator to see how your new liveries will appear. You can even view your changes by spinning the aircraft in animate mode.

Brand new to Version 2 is the "tatoo" capability where you can import an image and add it to your existing aircraft textures to easily create custom liveries with specialized logos, photographic tails, more.

Users of FS Repaint V1 are eligible for discounted upgrade.

For more information, click here.

New FSX Book - get it now - available now by download or hardcopy printed book

"Tips, Tricks & Trips" is filled with top notch chapters written by two experts with years of FS experience.

Both Adam Howe & Scott Slaughter have years of experience writing in an understandable, non-technical way.You can read this 264-page book as "hardcopy" or if you're in a hurry, you can order the download version of the book for fast delivery.

Don't confuse this book with others. This is not another book about "the basics of using FSX". Instead, we'll take you on rides, show you techniques and present info that you won't find anywhere else.

For more info about "Tips, Tricks & Trips" for FSX, please click here.

3D Model Trains -Tabletop Railroading - Simple and Fun - Now Available

Starting with a clean slate, you can drag and drop your way to a simple, advanced or complex tabletop model railroading with our new standalone package.

3D Model Trains is a blast to use with hundreds of actual scale model track sets and train sets from well-known hobby manufactuers: Arnold, Bemo, Fleischmann, Hubner, LGB, Marklin, Peco, Pilz, Roco and more.

Includes many 3D scenery objects including stations, buildings of all types, people, tunnels and more which you'll add to your layouts in minutes flat. You can even adjust the terrain to make hills for your tunnels.

Very capable 3D layout features with fully repositionable camera and light sources. You can also record videos as your trains ride around the tracks.

For more information, please click here.

CoPilot Pro - for FSX & FS2004 - Now Available

CoPilot is one of the most widely sold add-ons in Flight Simulator history. With more than 65,000 copies sold, you owe it to yourself to find out why so many users consider this software a proven Flight Simulator "must-have".

CoPilot Pro brings you:

  • Lighting fast mapping displays major roads (USA), river and lakes and geopolitical boundaries.
  • Flight Planning - convenient and flexible for CoPilot and FSX/FS2004 compatible flights
  • Superior GPS navigation for any aircraft - use either CoPilot or FS flight plans for seemless integration with autopilot flies all the way down to decision height
  • Maps, Charts, Approach Plates - airport diagrams, taxiway diagrams and approach charts for any FS airport with convenient "print package"
  • Moving Map, Info Pages and Traffic Pages (TCAS) - to see where you're going

This all-around add-on is now available. For more info click here.

CoPilot V3 users are eligible to upgrade to CoPilot Pro for reduced price.

Premier Collection / Platinum Collection - all FSX titles updated for SP1

Patch for

for FSX Service Pack 1

With the release of the Service Pack 1 for Flight Simulator X some users have encountered a problem with our Platinum Collection and Premier Collection aircraft.

To fix the problem, we have updated all of our "fly before you buy" titles for FSX.

If you are having a problem with the FSX versions of our Platinum and/or Premier Collection aircraft, please do one of the following:

10 Add-ons for Microsoft Train Simulator - from our U.K. Partner

Contact Simulations in the U.K. has been our partner for more than five years now. In addition to their Flight Simulation activities, they are also the top publisher of add-ons for Microsoft Train Simulator.

We've just agreed to make some of their bestselling add-ons available for download from our site. The new titles include:

East Coast Express - London to Peterborough
East Coast Express - Portsmouth to York
East Coast Express - Leeds Loop
Fires & Wires - steam and electric collection
Pagents Field - imaginary rural England route

Great British Diesel Locomotives
Great British Steam Locomotives
Great Electric Locomotives
Locomotives & Activities Collection
Pacific Locomotives - A.H. Peppercorn

All titles are available now . For more information, please click here.

Mission: Blackhawk -First release in new FSX Mission Series - Available Now

The add-ons in our new Mission Series take complete advantage of the exciting features that Flight Simulator X offers by way of its Mission Building Kit. The first add-on in this series in which you'll fly six challenging adventures in the "hawk" set of helicopters: Blackhawk, Pavehawk, Jayhawk and Seahawk is now available.

The talented team of Ron Jeffers and Phil Castellanos developed these full-length, in depth missions that will keep your heart pounding.

Mission: Blackhawk is available now for convenient download delivery or on CD-ROM. Backorders from the major software and computer retailers for Mission: Blackhawk are substantia and the package will be available in retail stores beginning early April.

For more information or to hear more of the pilot chatter, please click here.

If you have a high speed Internet connection you can view a video clip from of the Coast Guard mission (35MB streamed Flash video) by clicking here. Please note that in this preliminary version, the helicopter blades are disappearing in the iceberg but this will be fixed for release.

The A380 In Chicago - Jumbo Makes Flight from JFK to O'Hare

March 20, 2007

Airbus Industries and Lufthansa jointly flew the giant A380 from New York's JFK to Chicago's Airport O'Hare today, part of their "practice run" getting ready for the real thing. The flight to the Windy City came one day after this same plane made its initial flight to the USA on March 19th from Frankfurt, Germany to New York while a second A380 flew from Toulouse, France to Los Angeles to greet the West Coast watchers. We traveled some 200 miles from our offices in Grand Rapids to catch a glimpse and some photos of the new A380. Just after 12:30 noon, we could make out the outline of the A380 as it approached O'Hare from the South. We were positioned just 250 feet from the extended centerline of Runway 4R and had a perfect view of the landing. Everyone marveled at how quiet the engines sounded for such a large aircraft.

approaching Rwy 4R from the South

In addition to the four news helicopters hovering overhead and filming the arrival, hundreds of interested spectators were on hand to see the landing. On Mannheim Road, traffic was bumper to bumper as the cars slowed to a crawl to view the aircraft that was parked on the M-tarmac next to O'Hare's International Terminal. (Click any of these photos to see enlargement) You can find out more about the arrival of the Airbus A380 in Chicago at FS Free Press

just moments from landing

Parked along side the International Terminal

On short final - a few hundred feet from touchdown

EZ-GPS -for FSX & FS2004 - New Version 4

Drop this sophisticated technology into any of your FSX or FS2004 aircraft and it's guaranteed to make your navigation chores much simpler.

New version 4 installs instantly and takes you effortlessly to your destination including course changes to each waypoint of your flight plan or lets you fly direct to any place in the world.

The crystal clear moving map page , traffic warning page (TCAS), aviation page for simplified naviation and information pages keep you aware of your position with a very small amount of cockpit real estate. EZ-GPS is another smart tool from Peter Jacobson, a pioneer of Flight Sim add-ons.

Now Available for download and free DEMO. For more information please click here.

Scenery Shortcut - simple way to create new FSX worlds - Available Now & It's FREE

Our users tells us that scenery add-ons are second only to aircraft add-ons in popularity. One of our goals was to find an easy way for users to make their own new worlds. So we've come up with a way for you to "drag and drop" your way to new FSX scenery.

By taking advantage of the capable Mission Builders's Object Placement Tool (included with Flight Simulator X Deluxe Edition), you interactively add any of hundreds of predefined 3D objects to the landscape "live". When you've completed the scenery, save the mission file and Scenery Shortcut converts the info into true FSX scenery files.

It's fast. It's simple. It's slick. And it's FREE.

When you order and install Scenery Shortcut (for download delivery only), we invite you to view the two tutorial videos that will get you up to speed quickly. For more info, please click here.

President Gerald R. Ford - coming home to his final resting place

President Gerald R. Ford grew up in Grand Rapids and represented the people of West Michigan for 25 years in the House of Representatives, as Vice President and as President.

Air Force One arrives in Grand Rapids, Jan 2, 2007

He passed away on December 26th at the age of 93. After the State Funeral in his honor in Washington, DC. he was flown to Grand Rapids aboard Air Force One.

He has now arrived home in Grand Rapids for a final church ceremony in East Grand Rapids and burial at the Gerald R Ford Museum that overlooks the Grand River in the heart of the city.

We're proud to have him come home to Grand Rapids.

Like many other thousands, the staff at Abacus thank him for his selfless civil service and mourn his passing.

Fly the Airbus Fleet - Available now for FSX & FS2004

The aircraft of the Airbus fleet cover the full range of airline requiements. From the A310 with its old style analog instrumentation to the A350, the newest member that's still on the drawing board, these aircraft serve a very specific segment of the flying public.

  • A310-300
  • A319-100
  • A320-200
  • A330-300
  • A340-600
  • A350-800

Delivered on CD-ROM or by convenient download. For more information, click here.

Fly the Airbus A380 Version 2 - Available for FSX and FS2004

Due to its enormous size and capacity, the Airbus A380 has received tremendous press coverage since it first hit the design tables years ago. After years of development, the A380 made its first commercial flight in October 2007. You can fly the A380 like many others who have already made this our current bestseller.

Fly the Airbus A380 V2 includes four A380 models with virtual cockpit, a flight model based on published specs, customized instrumentation, thirteen of Airbus' launch liveries and more; enhanced Toulouse Airport replete with AI traffic - where the A380 final assembly takes place.

Double-decker Airbus in Hong Kong

Double-decker Airbus in Fly the Airbus A380 V2
If you want to ride a double-decker Airbus today, you can hop a ride at the Hong Kong Airport (far left) or get into the cockpit of any of the four A380 models in our Fly the Airbus A380 V2

Available at a great price - only $19 for the download or $19.95 in CD-ROM retail package. Climb into the A380 cockpit now. For more information please click here.

"The detail is extraordinary! easily understood Flight Manual...The flight dynamics are exceptionally recreated in this model...From the detail of the cockpit to the detailed landing gear, the effort that went into this aircraft can easily be seen and respected....this is a deal that you really should not pass up!", Review by Farmboyzim at Fsimcafe

Fly the Boeing 787 Dreamliner - Available for FSX and FS2004

Boeing's newest jetliner is scheduled to enter service in 2009. Many global airlines are lining up to place more than 500 orders for this new tech design which will carry 300 passengers up to 8000 miles at a speed of Mach .85

For Flight Simmers, the wait is no more. You can be piloting the 787 from its flight deck now.

Fly the Boeing 787 is just one of many add-ons available for Microsoft FSX and FS2004.

For more information about Boeing's 787, please click here.

If you're already piloting the 787 in FSX with our Fly the B787 Dreamliner package, please see our FAQs to determine if you should apply the changes in Update 1

Flight Simulator X Compatible Add-ons - Look at our large selection

Check back often as we're busy creating new FSX add-ons

Available Now for FSX

CAP Search & Rescue BONUS Edition - registered users of CAP Search & Rescue are eligible to receive discounted upgrade. Available Now.

Carrier Strike Force - three new aircraft carriers; three maganificent aircraft; five great missions and more. Available Now.

Civil Air Patrol Pilot (CAP S&R BONUS Edition) - registered users of Civil Air Patrol Pilot are eligible to receive a discounted upgrade to the new Civil Air Patrol Search & Rescue Bonus Edition package. It includes the five aircraft from Civil Air Patrol Pilot for FSX and the complete Search & Rescue package. Click to order the upgrade. Available Now.

Commuter Xpress 2 - Registered users of Commuter Xpress 2 are eligible to receive a discounted FSX upgrade. Available Now.

CoPilot Pro- one of the most widely used navigation utilities with all-new features . Registered users of previous versions are eligible to receive a discounted upgrade. Available Now

EZ-GPS V4- Brand new version features moving map, TCAS display and amazing simplicity in a small package. Registered users of previous versions are eigible to receive a discounted upgrade. Available Now.

Flight Deck 4 - registered users are eligible to receive the FREE Flight Deck 4 Update for FSX which is now available here. If you want to step up to the challenge of carrier flight, you'll want Flight Deck 4. Available Now.

Flight Deck 5 - designed especially for FSX this is the latest release especially for lovers of aircraft carrier operations. Join hundreds of thousands of Flight Deck user. Available Now.

Fly the Boeing 787 Dreamliner - this is a brand new package featuring the newest member of Boeing's jetliner fleet scheduled to enter service in 2008. Available Now.

Fly the Airbus A380 V2 - registered users of Fly the Airbus A380 V1 are eligible to receive a discounted upgrade. Available Now.

Fly the Airbus Fleet - registered users of Fly the Airbus Fleet are eligible to receive a discounted upgrade. Available Now.

FS Design Studio V3.5 - registered users of FS Design Studio V3 are eligible for the FREE upgrade to V3.5 with FSX compatibility. If you have registered copy of V3 installed on your computer, click to download free upgrade. New FSDS users, click for more info. Available Now.

FS Repaint - registered users of FS Repaint V1 are eligible for to receive a discounted upgrade. Available Now.

FSX Mousepad- a practical and convenient way to fly with your computer. The durable surface conveniently keeps the important FSX keyboard commands at your findertips. Available Now

Mission: Blackhawk - the first entry in our new Mission Series is an add-on that has you making challenging flights that take advantage of the new features made possible by the FSX Mission Building Kit. Available Now.

Mission: Combat Fighter - the second title of our bestselling Mission Series is an add-on that has you enduring heartpounding assignments in the cockpit of the A-10 Warthog. These flights are made possible by the FSX's exciting mission capability. Available Now.

Scenery Shortcut - easily design new scenery and make true FSX scenery files. Best of all it's FREE. Available Now.

Tips, Tricks & Trips for Flight Simulator X - a new book aimed at keeping it FUN to fly with FSX. A collection of quick-hitter articles that get right to the point and keep your simulation sessions "stimulating". Available Now as PDF download or in hardcopy as printed book.

USA Extreme Landscapes V2 - registered users of USA Extreme Landscapes V1 are eligible for a discounted upgrade. Available Now.

World & USA Extreme Landscapes BUNDLE - we've combined two bestselling add-ons to deliver worldwide coverage at one low price. Available Now.

World Extreme Landscapes V2 - registered users of World Extreme Landscapes V1 are eligible for a discounted upgrade price. Available Now.

Platinum Collection Aircraft - we welcome first Platinum title for FSX in our "Fly Before You Buy" series. Available Now are the EA-6B Prowler "electronic protector", the legendary PBY-5A Catalina, the DA40 TDI Diamond Star with diesel engine, the workhorse Aviat Husky, the venerable Lockheed Constellation and the sexy new Piaggio P180 Avanti.

Premier Collection Aircraft - We have new FSX aircraft in our unique "Fly Before You Buy" series. Available Now are more than 40 exciting aircraft including: Diamond D-Jet, Cessna Mustang, Beech V35, Safire Jet, Socata TB21 Trinidad, F/A-18, and T-38C Talon. New aircraft are coming very frequently.

These add-ons are on our schedule for FSX-compatibility

We have now completed the conversion of our FS2004 packages to FSX.

Photo Gallery - hundreds of photos available

View more photos in our gallery

Over the years we've taken thousands of photos of planes throughout the world such as this KLM narrow-body being deiced in Amsterdam.

These high resolution photos are part of our private library.

We've made a portion of these photos available to the public via our website. If you like seeing aviation-related pics, feel free to browse through our large gallery.

You may use the photos in the gallery are for non-commercial purposes.

Enjoy our Aviation Photo Gallery

Kakuro - Challenging Number Puzzle

More addictive than its Sodoku "cousin". Choose from three levels of difficulty and size of the grids to play an unlimited number of grid. Use"pencil" mode to enter the possibilities as you search for solutions.

  • Auto-generate puzzles: 3 x 3 for beginners to 16 x 16 for experts
  • Hint mode solves single cell when you're stuck
  • Email your puzzles to friends or relatives
  • Edit mode your making puzzles from newspapers
  • Customizable options and multiple "skins"

For more info, click here.

Sudoku - the addictive puzzle - Available now

If you're a fan of puzzles, you might just get hooked by Ultra Sudoku.

  • Friendly interface: type the number, drag the number or right-click the number
  • Flexible play: 4 x 4 for beginners or children, 9 x 9 for standard play and 16 x 16 for expert play
  • Exciting twist: use letters instead of numbers
  • "Hint" solves single cell when you're stuck
  • Email your puzzles to friends or relatives
  • Setup your own puzzles from newspapers or magazines

For more information about Ultra Sudoku, click here.

Web Radio Planet - air traffic control - hook up with Internet radio

As a flight simulator enthusiast, you can listen to live air traffic control tower broadcasts via the Internet. What a fun way to enjoy the world of aviation.

Web Radio Planet 2 and Web Radio Planet Lite is a slick way to find, listen, record and archive any of the thousands of daily Internet broadcasts. Whether you prefer muisc, news, discussions or ATC, either of these new packages deliver radio stations from around the world covering the gamut.

Use WRP2 to produce your own "podcasts" - listen to the sample

Both are available by download and are a fine way to start listening to the standard and the alternative broadcasts.

For more information, click here.

Slideshow Studio - share your photos on DVD

Are you spending countless hours in front of the computer monitor showing your digital photos to family and friends? There's a much better way to share your photos.

Slideshow Studio easily turns your still photos into exciting musical videos that you can burn to inexpensive DVD or CD. Great for photos of kids, weddings, vacations, hobbies and more. After using it, you'll agree that watching an animated video of your photos is a lot more pleasant from the comfort of you living room in front of the television.

If you're a Flight Simmer, view this sample slideshow (3MB). Available now by convenient download or on CD-ROM.

For more information please click here.

Visual Aircraft & Scenery Studio - New Update makes VASS compatible with FSDS V3

VASS make texturing and colorizing FS Design Studio aircraft and 3D scenery projects a snap. Authors Jorge Santoro and Marco da Silva have completed an update to make it compatible with FSDS V3 models.

It's loaded with new features such as FS2002/FS2004 materials, excellent user interface to "beautify" your models, compressed texture support and more. Now available by convenient download for only $29 or in retail package for $29.95. For more info, click here.

Registered users of VASS Gold,
click here to download the update. You'll need your registration key to complete the installation.

Route Building Book - Second Edition

New 2nd Edition

Michael Vone's Step by Step Guide to Route Building is a book that you can't afford to be without. Recently updated, he adds chapters of new info that extends your enjoyment of Microsoft Train Simulator. This easy to follow guide is an easy way to get started into building new Train Sim worlds.Best of all, this 380-page book is available now and in full color. We'll deliver this information packed book to you quickly by convenient download. Available now by download in PDF format for $20. You'll view and/or print the information-rich contents that is formatted using Adobe's popular Acrobat Reader.

Readers of the First Edition can buy this new Second Edition for a Special Price of only $10. To order or find out more about this helpful new book, go to our site at TrainSimulatorWorld.Com

Casino Express - from Barstow to Las Vegas

Take the fast train to Vegas

See the new screen shots
of the LV Strip

"Magnetic levitation" transports are on the drawing boards for future consideration.

But Craig Scott and Pat Malicki have already made the Casino Express for Microsoft Train Simulator.

It flies along on an elevated trackway and wisks travelers at speeds up to 300 mph along the crowded corridor between Barstow, California and Las Vegas. There's one stop in Primm for those of you who want to shop at the Outlet Mall.

Then hop back on the Casino Express for the short ride to the Strip and all it's glitter - Excalibur, Luxor, MGM Grand, Bellagio, Mirage, The Venetian and more.

Get to Vegas in a hurry! For more information, please click here.

We Fly The World - Official Logo Merchandise

"We Fly The World" Jacket

For years we've been delivering top notch flight sim add-ons that have sold globally. They seem to have no geographical boundaries.

Because of the international appeal, we've adopted the slogan "We Fly The World".

We're proud of these fine products and proud to be working with many of the top names in flight simulation: Louis Sinclair, Turgot Piskin, Frank King, Tolga Piskin, Massimo Taccoli, Scott Prinz, Dennis Seeley, Dave Eckert, Peter Jacobson, Konstantin Kukushkin and many other talented developers - a diverse group that delivers quality from all corners of the globe.

Each item in our selection wears the "We Fly The World" slogan so that you can let others know that you're a dedicated flight simmer.

Click to see our new lineup of We Fly The World merchandise.