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  1. Mission WWI Dogfight - Download

    Mission WWI Dogfight - Download


    Compatible with: FS2004 and FSX (missions are FSX only) As its name suggests, Mission: WWI Dogfight takes you take to a bygone era of aerial battles. Designers Daniel Dunn and David Chester have recreated a set of classic planes from the early 1900s in which the flyers felt the blast of the air against their faces and smelled the hot engine fumes. Although the missions are for FSX users, the aircraft are all FS2004 compatible. FSX Missions - Battle for Paris 1/2 - Battle of Somme 1/2/Ground1/Ground2 - Hunt for the Red Baron - Red Baron's Challenge - Train Busters - Lost Zeppelin World War I Aircraft Included - Sopwith Pup - Fokker DR.1 - Avro 504 - Nieuport 17 - R-Class Super Zeppelin Fly authentic WWI-era aircraft on heart-pounding missions against your enemy's best pilots. You'll fly challenging missions with the same aircraft "aces" flew during the war. (Missions available in FSX version only.) Learn More
  2. Airbus A319 Test Pilot - Download

    Airbus A319 Test Pilot - Download


    Compatible With: FSX The Airbus A319 Test Pilot is the newest member of our Mission Collection series. Each of these add-ons include complete contents: - Aircraft - Scenery - Creative mission script - Sound effects - Narration - Two Extensive Missions Here are two complete, separate missions. Firstly, you'll depart from Toulouse Blagnac, do touch and go's at Biarritz and proceed to the Atlantic Ocean test area. Time to complete is 2hrs 30 minutes. Secondly, you'll fly the A319 to Innsbruck, Austria where top executives will check out the new aircraft. Estimated time to complete is 2hrs 30 minutes. Learn More
  3. Area51 - Bundle - Lockheed Constellation & PBY Catalina

    Area51 - Bundle - Lockheed Constellation & PBY Catalina


    Compatible with FSX and FS2004 We're bundling two of the most visually recognizable aircraft. These beauties are both classics. Lockheed Constellation The Lockheed Constellation with its majestic triple tail is a dead giveaway for this classic airliner that first appeared in the early 1940s. And the grateful hull of the PBY-5A Catalina date from pre-World War II era. The Lockheed Constellation was designed by Francisco Sánchez-Castañer with its trademark elliptical wing tips and triple vertical stabilizer, Fowler flaps and tricycle landing gear. Delivered in three colorful variations, it represents top-of-the-line quality in workmanship including the custom "throaty" Curtis-Wright Cyclone engine sounds from Aaron Swindle. PBY-5 Catalina Featuring the unmistakable boat-like hull and throaty twin engine, over-wing props, this PBY Catalina features a highly detailed model, accurate and custom gauges, sounds and paint schemes. Learn More
  4. Bundle - F-14 Tomcat & EA-6B Prowler - Download

    Bundle - F-14 Tomcat & EA-6B Prowler - Download


    Compatible with FSX and FS2004 These two exciting aircraft are among our bestsellers. We've combined them into a money-savings "bundle" for you to enjoy. The F-14 Super Tomcat is easily recognizable by its swiveling wings. You may also know the F-14 from the widely popular Top Gun movie. This supersonic fighters was the Navy's air superiority cop from 1974 to 2006. With its rounded nose, the EA-6B Prowler serves as an aircraft carrier protector role. The Prowler is equipped with sophisticated electronic gear that jams and disables enemy radar, communications and armaments. Learn More
  5. Area 51 - C-5M Super Galaxy for FS2004 & FSX - Download

    Area 51 - C-5M Super Galaxy for FS2004 & FSX - Download


    Area 51 Simulations presents the C-5M Super Galaxy for FS2004 and FSX The Lockheed C-5 Galaxy is a large, military transport aircraft built by Lockheed. It was designed to provide strategic heavy airlift over intercontinental distances and to carry outsize and oversize cargo. The C-5 Galaxy has been operated by the United States Air Force since 1969 and is one of the largest military aircraft in the world. Flight Simulator Specifications:
    - Different MDL files for FS2004 and FSX - Very High Detail Exterior and Interior - Photoreal Textures - Detailed Doors and Cargo Bays - 2D Panel - Flight Manual - Paint Kit Learn More
  6. United States Terrain Mesh FSX

    United States Terrain Mesh FSX


    Welcome to the FSX Generation of FSGenesis terrain mesh! By taking advantage of the new, improved FSX terrain engine, this product will take your terrain detail to unimagined new heights. These terrain files are also P3D-compatible, with manual configuration. Learn More