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for Microsoft FSX & FS2004

Add This Slick GPS Today

EZ-GPS gets to your destination without the hassle of setting up complicated instruments. It makes your flight simming life a lot EZer.

Drop this sophisticated technology into any of your aircraft and it's guaranteed to make your navigation chores much simpler. Since EZ-GPS installs instantly, you can be flying direct to any place in the world in just seconds.

  • Effortlessly flies you to destination using any FS flight plan
  • Quickly "dial in" your identifier if you want to fly direct
  • GPS button engages "hands off" automatic routing to waypoints
  • Alternatively fly to waypoints using course deviation indicator
  • Tucks into small corner of your cockpit; requires less visual real estate
  • Installs instantly into virtually any Flight Simulator aircraft
  • Simulates autopilot flying for aircraft without one installed
  • NRST button displays the ten closest airports

Download EZ-GPS now and free yourself from those complex and cumbersome navigation tasks.

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Add EZ-GPS to your Piper Cub, Cessna 185, Boeing 737 or your favorite aircraft. EZ-GPS works with all aircraft, even if an autopilot is not present in your cockpit. It tucks away neatly in small corners of any crowded cockpit

What Users Say about EZ-GPS

"I flew ... from London to Meigs on your GPS....I ended up exactly in the centre of Meigs Runway!" from J.R. via the Internet

"Please hurry (sending the Registration Key). I love this product" from T.P. via the Internet

"I've been looking for such a program for years - just what I wanted. A teriffic idea particularly for those of us down under (Australia). Postage from the U.S. can be a product killer." from B.M. via the Internet

Navigate Like A Pro

Computer pilots have found that navigation is a skill to be learned. And while most flight sim aircraft are equipped with state-of-the-art instruments, they're often complicated to use.

Enter EZ-GPS. From the start it was designed with a single goal in mind - to be easy to use. This slick navigation instrument is ready to drop into any of your FSX or FS2004 aircraft to provide SIMPLE NAVIGATION.

Distance to KSEA is .8 nm. The next waypoint is KBFI.

How It Works

After loading any Flight Simulator flight plan, you'll use these buttons to simplify your navigation tasks.

NAV: displays basic navigation data

WPT: displays information about the current waypoint. Bearing to, distance, ETA, etc.

INF: three state button. First click: displays information about the current waypoint. If it's an aiport, displays: ID, CTAF, elevation, lat/lon, and length of longest runway. Second click: displays local time, UTC time, UTC date, and magnetic variation. Third: displays "About EZ-GPS" information

NRST: Lists the 10 nearest airports. Use PRE or NXT to choose any of these airports. Use SET to navigate to the selected nearest airport.

D: Fly direct to a waypoint. The current character is enclosed in brackets []. For example [K]GRR: the first character is selcted for change. Use the PRE or NXT buttons to cycle 0-9 and A-Z. Press -> button to select the 2nd (also 3rd and 4th) character.

RTE: displays list of FS flightplans. The FS flightplans are located in the "..\My Documents\Flight Simulator Files\" folder of the currently logged on user. Use the PRE and NXT buttons to scroll the list. Use the SET button to select the flight plan.

PRE: Used to scroll NRST and RTE lists. If the display is NAV or WPT, it will cycle to the previous waypoint in the flight plan.

NXT: Used to scroll l NRST and RTE lists. If the display is NAV or WPT, it will cycle to the next waypoint in the flight plan.

->: Used to move to the next character for D: For example with[K]GRR, pressing this button displays K[G]RR. Use PRE and NXT to cycle the character within the brackets []. Pressing this button in the 4th character position moves to the first character position.

SET: Used to set the current NRST or RTE destination. Current is designated with ">" in the list.

CLR: Clears or cancels the waypoint or flight plan

AP: turns the autopilot master switch on or off.

HDG: locks the current heading into the autopilot.

ALT: locks the current altitude into the autopilot. The button will change the AP altitude to the nearest 100 ft of the current altitude.

GPS: activates the EZ-GPS settings and allows the autopilot link to take control of the course selection.

NOTE: For efficiency, EZ-GPS automatically cycles waypoints when the aircraft is within 0.5 nm of the next waypoint.

Easy to Setup

After installation, hop into the cockpit and you'll be greeted with the new EZ-GPS instrument. It's easy to use. Click RTE to choose any standard FS flight plan and then SET lock in that plan

Alternatively you can fly direct to any FS airport. It's up to you.

Easy Flying

Click the AP button to activate the autopilot (NOTE: EZ-GPS simulates the presence of an autopilot if one is not in your cockpit). Then click the GPS button which engages the AP-GPS navigation for "hands-off" flying. When you reach the first waypoint, the GPS display changes and the autopilot is adjusted to fly to the next waypoint - all automatically! How simple can flying get?

DEMO Mode lets you fly with FSX & FS2004

Download EZ-GPS nowto see just how easy navigation can be as EZ-GPS guides you on a tour of the Seattle area:

  • "Seattle Tacoma "
  • "Boeing Field
  • "NOLLA" intersection
  • "CHECO" intersection
  • "KPWT"
  • "KTIW"
  • "KTCM"
  • "EBEME" intersection
  • "Seattle Tacoma "

If you'd rather fly the "old fashioned way" rather than by using the autopilot, simply center the CDI - the small black triangle - along the top of the EZ-GPS instrument, and you'll be on course to your next waypoint. EZ-GPS shows you the distance (4.8 nm) and approximate flying time (2 minutes) to reach the next waypoint (KBFI).

The complete EZ-GPS package includes:
sophisticated gauge and
universal aircraft installer kit.

EZ-GPS F.A.Q.s Installing EZ-GPS Using EZ-GPS Download EZ-GPS

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FSX Compatibility Coming Soon

We are now preparing an upgrade to EZ-GPS V2 to add FSX Compatibility.

Registered users who purchased EZ-GPS V2 on or after August 1, 2006 are eligible for a FREE upgrade when available.

Registered users who purchased EZ-GPS V2 before August 1, 2006 can receive the upgrade for the special price of only $11.50

If you'd like to fly using the one of the simplest GPS instruments now and be able to receive the FREE upgrade for FSX when available, you can order EZ-GPS V2 now. Click on "Add to Cart" above.

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EZ-GPS V2 FSX Upgrade $9.50

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EZ-GPS is another fine product from Peter Jacobson.


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As with all of the jewels in our Premier Collection, you can try EZ-GPS before you buy.

Download EZ-GPS now to use with your Flight Simulator FSX and FS2004 aircraft. And please visit us again soon.


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