EZ-Scenery - Frequently Asked Questions

EZ-Scenery is another one of our clever add-ons for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Below are several FAQs that apply to this exciting new add-on.

Please read through the FAQs to see if we aleady have the answer to your question. If your particular question is not answered, send an email to our tech support staff.


Question: When I try to add a certain 3D object from my library, EZ-Scenery crashes. Why?

Answer: Most likely, the 3D object is not fully FS2004 compatible. By this we mean that the 3D object contains a drawing command that is non-standard. Specifically, we know that one or more libraries that are used with the program Runway12 contain non-standard drawing commands.

To avoid this problem we have updated EZ-Scenery to allow certain non-standard drawing commands. This does not fix the library, but does allow EZ-Scenery to continue without crashing.

To solve this problem, download and install the EZ-Scenery Update below.

Note: We suggest that you please notify the author of any non-standard 3D objects so that he/she can correct it.

Question: When I try to type my registration key, the screen goes black (or Flight Simulator appears to be frozen) and I'm not able to continue. How can I register my copy of EZ-Scenery?

Answer: On some computer systems, the video driver causes problems in full screen mode. In most cases, you can switch your Flight Simulator out of full screen mode, prior to registering EZ-Scenery.

To recover from the black screen (or frozen Flight Simulator), press the ESC key.

To switch out of full screen mode, press ALT+Enter on the keyboard. You will then be able to register your copy of EZ-Scenery.

After registering, you can return to full screen mode by pressing ALT+Enter again.

Question: I installed an early copy of EZ-Scenery and am very happy with it. However, I am not able to change the height (elevation) or size (scale) of a 3D object. Why not?

Answer: EZ-Scenery was updated shortly after release to include these two new features: Elevation and Scale.

To add these features to your system, download and install the latest version of EZ-Scenery below.

Question: When using some of the 3D objects, they seem to be missing the textures. Is there a way to fix this?

Answer: Yes, we have a fix for this problem. The original release has three missing textures from the <FS2004>\Addon Scenery\Texture folder. The following objects are affected by the missing textures:




To resolve this problem, download the following and unzip into your <FS2004>\Addon Scenery\Texture folder.

Download missing textures

AbacusEZScenery_MissingTextures.zip (250KB)

Question: When I try to use the EZ-Library Manager, I'm getting an error similar to the following. How can I fix it:

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Flight Simulator 9\EZ-Scenery>bglcomp
INTERNAL COMPILER ERROR C1003: Failed to create MSXML object!

Parsing document: compile.xml

ERROR C2470: Unrecoverable error parsing XML!
ERROR C2006: Parse failed (0x80004005)
ERROR C2003: Failed to process file: compile.xml

Answer: EZ-Library Manager uses a small program from Microsoft named MSXML4.DLL. Many users already have this program already installed on their computer systems.

If you are getting the above error message, you can download and install the required program from the Microsoft website. Here is the link:

Microsoft website for MSXML MSXML4.DLL

Scroll down towards the bottom of the page and click msxml.msi module (5MB). Run this module.

After installing this program, you will be able to use the EZ-Library Manager.

Question: I'm having trouble adding objects to my scenery files. When trying to save my new scenery, I get the following message: "Unknown File Format. You can only add objects to scenery files saved with EZ-SCENERY". How do I solve this?

Answer: Let's start with a short discussion about the two main types of scenery files that EZ-Scenery works with and then the solution will become clear.

EZ-Scenery deal with two types of files: Library Files and Placement Files. Although both are scenery files, they are handled differently by Flight Simulator.

Library files are scenery files that contain one or more 3D objects. A library contains the drawing information for the objects, but contains NO information on where to place that object in the Flight Sim. Flight Simulator has several Library files e.g. VEHICLES.bgl, GENERIC.bgl and LANDMARK.bgl. EZ-Scenery also is delivered with several Library files e.g. AB_MISC.bgl, AB_VEHICLES.bgl and AB_SIGNS.bgl.

Using a Placement File, one or more objects in a library file can be made to appear anywhere in Flight Simulator.

NOTE: Flight Simulator also has some "protected" libraries e.g. CHICAGO.BGL. The objects in protected libraries may only be positioned in restricted geographic locations e.g. the Chicago region.

To create a Placement File, EZ-Scenery refers to one or more Library Files. The Placement File telsl Flight Simulator to draw a specific 3D object xxxxxxxx from the Library file yyyyyyyy.bgl at the geographic location N/S ##* ##.#### E/W ###* ##.####.

When you click the Add button, EZ-Scenery saves information about the object and its geographic location in a placement bgl file - either a new one or an existing one. The default filename for the placement file is ez-scenery.bgl and if it exists it adds the object to it; if it doesn't exist, it will create the file.

The message "Unknown File Format" will have a different name - perhaps one of the Library files. Click NO on the message that asks "Do you want to add this object to the file ???.bgl". After clicking NO, type a new filename - any filename that is different from the files that are in the current folder, e.g. BOB.BGL

After it's saved, restart Flight Simulator and the object will appear. Now use EZ-Scenery to add another object. The message will now appear as "do you want to add this object to BOB.BGL?" If you reply YES, EZ-Scenery will append the new object to the file. Now BOB.BGL will have the placement information for two objects instead of just one. Restart Flight Simulator and you'll see that both objects are there.

If you move to another geographic area, say across the country and place an object, you will want to use a new filename. You don't want to spread out the placement of objects in a single file too far apart. To create a new file, select the library, select the model, position it and click the Add button. When asked if you want to add it to BOB.BGL, choose NO. Type a new filename e.g. JOE.BGL.

If you later decide to go back to add more objects to BOB.BGL, click the Open Scenery button and select BOB.BGL. Now when you select an object and click Add, you'll be asked if you want to add it to BOB.BGL again.

EZ-Scenery V1.02 Update

The latest version of EZ-Scenery is now available for immediate download and installation.

Before installing this update, please backup any files in your FS2004 \EZ-Scenery folder.

You can then install over your previous copy of EZ-Scenery :

Download AbacusEZScenery.exe (11 MB)

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