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  CoPilot Pro
for Microsoft Flight Simulator FSX and FS2004
Flight Planning, GPS Navigation, AutoPilot controller, Moving Map, TCAS, Airman's Guide & More

Over the years, CoPilot has earned an incredible reputation* as one of the bestselling flight sim add-ons worldwide. Developer Peter Jacobson, a pioneer in flight simulation software and a celestial and aviation navigation expert has reengineered this package to produce the forth major version which we've named CoPilot Pro.

Start it up, click any place on the globe and CoPilot Pro is ready, willing and able to get you to your destination effortlessly.

Before your flight, use CoPilot to create a superior flight plan. You'll conveniently print your plan, airport and taxi diagrams and approach plates as a single "package".

During your flight, the CoPilot EZ-GPS instrument lets you know where you are and where any other traffic may be too. The GPS couples to your autopilot and lets you fly you all the way down to decision height using any of the airport's published approaches.

CoPilot Pro delivers an impressive array of features:

  • Global Map - Single, integrated map provides worldwide coverage of airports and navaids along geo-political boundaries. The display is instantaneous as you zoom in, zoom out or pan. Optionally you can display the major roads in the USA.
  • Navaids - CoPilot organizes and intelligently displays airports, approaches, fixes, VORs, NDB, intersections and air spaces. Navaids are displayed or hidden based on your preferences.
  • Flight Planning - You can create a variety of plans quickly. Choose your routing via GPS, VORs, Victor and Jet airways. Routes are easily changable on the map using point and click. Plans are fully compatible with those made with FSX or FS2004.
  • GPS Instrument - This is one of the simplest, yet ingenious navigation instruments you'll ever use. As it takes you anywhere in the FS world, it keeps you informed as you're flying. It incorporates a top notch moving map page, multiple info pages and traffic (TCAS) page.
  • AutoPilot Link - The GPS automatically couples to your autopilot and makes "hands-off" navigation a reality. Using a CoPilot flight plan, it can fly your aircraft right down to the decision height.
  • GPS Setup - The GPS instrument is usable by any FS aircraft and iinstalls instantly with simple two-click operation
  • Airman's Guide - CoPilot prints handsome area maps, flight plans, airport and taxiway diagrams, approach plates. Convenient one-click "flight package" prints all of the documents required for a single flight.

CoPilot Pro is like having a partner in your right-hand seat.

You'll easily create your flight plan and CoPilot's GPS instrument will fly you effortlessly to your destination with a precise approach to your runway.

CoPilot Pro has all the know-how you'll need to publish your own Airman's Guide including airport diagrams, taxiway diagrams, flight charts and approach plates (binder not included).

Convenient one-click "Print Airport Package".

Registered users of a previous version of CoPilot or EZ-GPS are eligible to upgrade to CoPilot Pro for a discount price. To order, please go to CoPilot Pro Upgrade

* What Flight Simmers Say about CoPilot

"I am a 2800+ hour, multi-engine IFR rated pilot. CoPilot is the best program I have ever seen for flight sims. Thanks for publishing it." from M.R. via the Internet

"CoPilot is a GREAT add-on. Being able to print nav charts, airport layouts, and ILS approach plates is fantastic. FS has attempted to build some of this functionality via their flight planning and world map, but (not quite up to) what you guys offer. The Abacus GPS and moving map really make FS come alive..." from D.A. via the Internet

" recent purchase of CoPilot is an absolutely excellent value. Being unfamiliar with both the program itself and Abacus, I was certain that I was basically buying an inexpensive add-on that may or may not do what it promised. I was very surprised to initially find a manual that was both very well written...Additionally the presence of a GPS has opened a new dimension to Flight Simulator that will enable me to explore places and do things that would have otherwise never occured." from R.B. via the Internet

"The product is very good. I have been actually flying for some 27 years now and the GPS/planning software is the best I have used of all the flight sim software I have tested." from J.L. via the Internet

"On turning onto my last beacon I was lined up with the airport. (CoPilot) helped me to achieve a near-perfect flight. Thanks. " from B.M. via the Internet

"I would not even think about running Flight Simulator without CoPilot.", D.S. via the Internet

Global Mapping Visually Locates Airports
This map shows a large geographic area
Zooming in shows airports in more detail
Selectively display the surrounding navaids

Flight Planning
Using the FSX or FS2004 Flight Planner, you can prepare a flight from Chicago O'Hare (KORD) to London Heathrow (EGLL) flying IFR and using Jet Airways and you'll see a routing similar to this one. Using the CoPilot Flight Planner, you can prepare the same flight but you'll be routed along a very different path. The flight plan is about 2400 NM shorter than the one to the left and take you on a much less circuitous flight. Think of all the fuel that you'll save!

Flight from Chicago O'Hare to London Heathrow

The CoPilot flight planner produces efficient and flexible routings to your destination.

All CoPilot flight plans are fully compatible with Flight Simulator X and 2004. Additionally, your flight plan may include any of the published approaches available at your destination airport.

Using CoPilot's very capable GPS instrument (included), this flight plan can fly your aircraft to your destination runway all the way down to decision height.

If you're one of those who like to tweak, you can alter the flight plan by inserting or removing waypoints on the map with click and point ease. The changes to the routing on the map are then instantly reflected in your flight plan.


Printed Maps

To wrap up your pre-flight preparations, you'll want to gather your reference material.

For a graphical view of your route, you can print an aeronatutical chart of the flight area. CoPilot displays not only the airports and navigation aids, but also shows the roads (USA), air spaces, lakes, rivers and other bodies of water and geopolitical boundaries.

In the chart to the right, you can see that the area marked in dark blue represents restricted air space. The air space is a military training area used by aircraft stationed at Oceana Naval Air Station (KNTU) located southeast of the Norfolk (KORF) airport and is almost entirely offshore in the Atlantic Ocean.

To control the amount of information on a chart, you can choose to display or hide any of the these: airports, VORs, NDBs, fixes, jet airways, victor airways, air spaces.

Printed Flight Plan, Airport and Taxiway Diagrams and Approach Plates

Before starting your engine, you'll want to print your flight plan.

To continue, you'll want to know the layout of the departure and destination airports. You may also want to print a taxiway diagram to help you find your way around a busy unfamilar airport after you land.

You'll also want to print one or more approach plates for the destination runways.

CoPilot's printing capabilities is equivalent to hundreds of dollars worth of flight charts. And because CoPilot works with all of your add-on scenery, your charts will reflect your exact Flight Simulator setup.

For your convenience, you can use CoPilot's print "Airport Package" to print complete sets of airport and taxiway diagrams and apporach plates for any flight simulator airport.

CoPilot's EZ-GPS Instrument

Don't let the term EZ-GPS fool you. This instrument is easy to use, but it handles complex tasks effortlessly.

Drop this sophisticated gauge into any of your aircraft and it's guaranteed to make your navigation chores much simpler. Since EZ-GPS installs instantly, you can be on your way to any destination in the world in just seconds.

To view a video of the "hands-off" approach directed by the EZ-GPS instrument, click here.

  • Map page provides crystal-clear moving map depicting geopolitical boundaries, airports, VORs. intersections and airways. Optionally displays roads (USA), rivers and more
  • Aviation page displays "glass-cockpit style" navigation in any aircraft
  • Traffic page displays airborne targets - TCAS
  • Couples to autopilot to fly perfect approaches with CoPilot flight plans
  • Cursor mode lets you easily build, save and fly a flight plan
  • Tucks into small corner of your cockpit; requires only a small portion of your computer monitor
  • Install EZ-GPS into any FS aircraft with just a few mouse-clicks.

EZ-GPS Map Page

The map page provides a crystal-clear moving map so you'll always know your position. The map depicts geopolitical boundaries and shows the major roadways (USA), lakes, and rivers. The map also shows the airports and navaids including, VORs, NDBs, fixes, airways and air spaces. The scale in instantly changable with zoom in/out.

As you fly, you can display information for any of the navaids.

To the right is the information for a typical VOR.


EZ-GPS Aviation Page

The aviation page is used to aid in navigation.

The page consists of a status display, aircraft speed tape, aircraft altitude tape, a compass display, and a course deviation indicator (CDI).

When following a route or using the OBS feature the CDI indicates how far from the aircraft is from the course line.

EZ-GPS Traffic Page

This traffic page displays the relative horizontal positions of nearby aircraft traffic. The display is always oriented with the heading of your aircraft at the top.

Two range rings help in judging how far the traffic is from your aircraft. The radius of the outer range ring is shown in the lower left corner of this display. The range can be increased or decreased with the ZOUT and ZIN keys respectively.

Nearby traffic is displayed with one of the following symbols:

EZ-GPS Information Pages

Select any of the navaids on the map and you'll display detailed information about that item.

For example, these are the information pages for an airport:

Feature Summary

Single map includes lakes, rivers and roads (USA) and provides seemless operations

Easily switches between FSX and FS2004

Change map density with single keystroke

Set view options for airports, VORs, NDBs, fixes, air spaces, jet airways, victor airways

Flexible scrolling and panning with mouse wheel, marquee zoom, click and drag

Display airport info at a glance

Measure distances directly on map

Plot paths using great circle routes.

Print airport diagrams

Print taxiway diagrams

Print all available approach plates (VOR, ILS, NDB, RNAV and GPS). More than 34,000 approaches in all.

Print Trip Kit - complete flight plan with departure airport diagram, departure airport taxiway diagram, destination airport diagram, destination airport taxiway diagram, destination approach charts for all or selected approaches

Easily create flight plans with any published approach

Fly the flight plan using CoPilot's EZ-GPS for perfectly controlled approach

Fly confidently with crystal clear moving map page, aviation page, traffic page and multipl info pages.

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