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Model railroading was never this simple ... nor fun.

Now 3D Model Trains changes this by letting you quickly layout your track designs. Then add switches, crossover and sidings to build detailed tabletops instantly.

Drop in 3D scenery: buildings, trees, landscaping, people, more. And adjust the terrain if to add hills.

Now you're ready to add the trains from the large selection of included manufacturers. Turn on the power and watch them go!

Includes tracks and model trains from Roco, Marklin, Fleishmann, Arnold and Trix and more on the way.

Watch this video

... and you'll see how easy it is to make new track layouts.

Track layout is simple, fast and flexible.

Watch the video


3D Model Trains includes step-by-step videos to get your tabletop railroading projects up and running quickly.

Designing a tabletop railroad with 3D Model Trains is easy. Here we've added a tunnel and terrain.

In this example, there's rolling stock on a siding sitting next to a farmhouse. Notice the shrubs and trees next to the picket fence. 

This small village has a moving windmill

... and this city shows some very dense housing

A steam locomotive is departing from the tunnel.

We changed the viewpoint to an overhead view to better see the switches and sidings.

A close up view of city with several moving trains

In this picture, we've moved the camera closer to get a better view of the steam locomotive.

Follow these easy steps to a complete tabletop railroad set ---


Step 1. Choose track sections-------------------->

...then drag and drop them onto the platform

Step 2. Choose ground covering-------------------->

that you'll place beneath the tracks

Step 3. Choose a tree---------------------------->

and add several to the layout

Step 4. Choose a train station----------------------->

to place alongside the tracks; add some people too

Step 5. Add a train and some passenger cars ------->


and we're ready to roll!

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3D Model Trains

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3D Model Trains

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