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Vietnam Carrier Ops
Off the deck in the Sea of China


The excitement of flight "off the deck" has kept our aircraft carrier add-ons among our bestsellers for many years. With this new package, you can step up to the challenge operating from the USS Constellation.

We've equipped this carrier with Richard Hogan's exclusive arrestor cables technology and steam catapult that gets you airborne in a few dozen feet. When you're ready to land, Graham Oxtoby's Fresnel Lens Landing system helps you from ending up in the drink until the stretched steel arrestor cables bring you to a jolting halt.

Here's your equipment:

  • A-4 Skyhawk
  • A-6 Intruder
  • A-7E Corsair II
  • F-4 Phantom
  • F-8 Crusader
  • USS Constellation

You'll have to rush onto the deck when you hear the alarm.

When you're up, taxi into position in front of the blast shield. Your team connects you to the catapult. The steam is flowing and now it's armed.

Set your brake. From his crouching position, the yellow jacketed shooter gives you thumbs up.

Jam the throttles forward and release the brakes. The G's slam you to the back of your seat.

In a few seconds you're thrown off the edge of the deck.

Get the gear up and retract the flaps. Pull back.

The adrenalin is still flowing as you climb into the blue yonder.  

Over the open water home base is barely visible. Fly by and turn into the wind.

Pay attention; you don't want the Landing Signal Office to wave you off.

Lower your flaps as you throttle back. Line up quickly; the football field size deck is growing on your windshield.

Drop your gear and hook but don't loose too much height. Soon, you'll have the ball. The LSO gives you the green and the meatball looks good (Fresnel lens).

Keep aligned. When you're down give it full power. When your hook grabs you'll feet the jolt and you'll be tossed against your seat back.

Throttle back. When the cable is down you can breath again.

The "Meatball" - Fresnel Lens Optical Landing System

The Fresnel Lens Optical Landing System is another innovation. Pilots know it by its common name "the meatball". It's a visual light scheme that guides to pilot onto the deck.

This meatball was designed and "manufactured" by Graham Oxtoby. 

your approach is too high 

your approach is too low

you're on the glide slope

The IFLOLS gauge simplifies landings

 Here's a look of the Vietnam Carrier Ops aircraft and equipment. For enlargement click on any image.

  A-4 Skyhawk



 A-6 Intruder




 A-7E Corsair II




 F-4 Phantom




 F-8 Crusader




3D Panels

A-7E cockpit

F-4 cockpit

F-8 cockpit

Aircraft Visual Details by:
Dave Eckert
Graham Oxtoby
Rey Lopez
Massimo Taccoli

Catapult/Arrestor Cables by:
Richard Hogen

Fresnel Lens Landing System by:
Graham Oxtoby

Aircraft Carrier by:
Graham Oxtoby

Flight Dyanamics by:
Dennis Seeley

Special Effects by:
Robert Baum
Grant Bovee

Special Animation:

Arrestor Cables and Catapult. FSUIPC licesned through Pete Dowson.

Fresnel Lens Landing System.

Tail hook, folding wings, cowl flaps, afterburners, cargo door

Aircraft Carrier: moving radar, detailed lower deck, blast shield, navaids, AFD.

Situations for each aircraft. USS Constitution is positioned off the Vietnam coast.

Aircraft Weapon effects.

AI Traffic.

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Vietnam Carrier Ops

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Vietnam Carrier Ops

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