FS Design Studio Version 2 Now Available

FS Design Studio V2
for FS2004, FS2002, FS2000 and CFS2

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Create Aircraft & 3D Scenery Easily

It's flight sim friendly ... and powerful too. This bestselling software gives you the an easy way to make profession al quality aircraft and quality 3D scenery that you can be proud of.

Of the tens of thousands of aircraft available for Flight Simulator, the overwhelming number of them were made with FS Design Studio. This new version of FS Design Studio adds the lastest visual techniques and graphic effects to an already large repertoire of commands, time-saving shortcuts, and comfortable user interface. Together they'll let you create any kind of accurate, detailed textured models at record speed.

FS Design Studio V2 puts an aircraft factory at your fingertips. And now modelers will be able to create even more accurate and great looking aircraft and 3D scenery using the recent FSDS V2.24 Update.

What the users say about FSDS:

"Perhaps you should post a warning in the section for FS Studio. This software is ADDICTIVE! I sat in front of my computer for 2 hours yesterday and made a Gee Bee completely from scratch. Congratulations on making such a fantastic piece of software.", A.G. via Internet

"... still seems very stable and very straight forward in it use and functions well laid out. I am amazed that you and the Team were able to move towards (...higher) capability and yet keep the feel of what makes your program great. Power with simplicity.", D.B. of Wisconsin  

 New Version 2.24 Update

For the past several months, FSDS author Louis Sinclair has been locked away furiously adding new and improved features (as well as swatting the bugs). The result is an extensive update to FSDS V2.24. This update is free to all registered users of FSDS V2.xx

Here's a list of the major new features in the update:

  • New FS2004-compatiblity.
  • Updated HELP files with tutorials for making animated scenery.
  • New Animated Scenery. You can now easily create animated scenery using key frames.
  • New Scrollable texture window. Manage Texture Properties at full resolution.
  • New Support for DXT textures. You no longer have to manage two sets of textures. Many thanks to Martin Wright for his help.
  • Fixed 'Split part' command created duplicate part names.
  • Fixed Add 'Save' warning added after editing the model list.
  • Improved MDL/BGL generation error handling.
  • Fixed Shadow model appearing in other views.
  • Changed Increase default 'texture size' parameter in Texture Properties.
  • Changed FSC files for aircraft in \Samples folder. For these *.fsc files, Part Properties has been set to Area Type '6' so that you can create an Object File (*.BGL) without encountering compilation error.
  • Fixed error in compiling scenery objects with reflective textures
  • Improved Startup when encountering a DirectX error. Switches to 2D mode if unable to use DirectX (tested with NVidia TNT2 card.)
  • Fixed prop0_rpm, etc. variables.
  • New You can now access the high byte of all 32-bit aircraft variables.
  • New You can now use v1.6 style transformation processing for part pre-processes.
  • Fixed Pre-processing of parts for FS2000 output.
  • New There is now protection against deleting hidden parts, points, and polygons.
  • New For added convenience there is a 'Undo' button on the toolbar.
  • Fixed Night lighting problem with virtual cockpit gauge.
  • Fixed The shadow model was not visible unless all other models are present.
  • New You can now added elevated surfaces for 3D scenery. The new menu command 'Polygon | Create Elevated Surface' uses the currently selected polygonto create an elevated surface for SCASM, ASD Macro, or Airport API format.
  • New The Part menu item has several additional commands:
    - First Part - Jumps to first part in the model's part list.
    - Last Part - Jumps to last part in the model's part list.
    Added new model types:
    - Shadow - Allows the use of a simplified model for casting an aircraft or scenery shadow. This can be a significant frame rate saver!
    -Front View - Used for landing lights. Parts in this view only show when the aircraft is close to the ground.
    -Down View - View straight down. Parts are only visible when the aircraft is close to the ground.
    - Inactive - An inactive model is not included when an aircraft or scenery project is generated.
  • New In File | Preferences, clicking the 'Flight Sim Path' button scans the registry and presents a list of FS versions on the system for selection.
  • Improved Part location stability when changing part hierarchy.
  • Fixed FS2000 scenery area type C error in SCASM macros .
  • Fixed SCASM output for color and dot placement in dot rendering.
  • Fixed FS2000 part placement of parts for aircraft output.
  • Fixed FS2000 scale factor problem when for aircraft output.
  • Fixed preferences bug where some setting changes would not persist if other buttons on the dialog were clicked.
  • Changed The SCASM part labels are in "Part####" format to avoid SCASM error with long part names.
  • Changed The SCASM output typically uses 'long' jump commands to allow larger source files to be compiled.
  • Fixed The 'Undo' command was overwriting the wrong model.
  • New The Model menu item lets you manage a project's multiple models.
  • New "Add" and "Delete" buttons in the model list dialog.

Free Update for Registered Users

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