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  1. Area 51 - UH-1Y Venom for FS2004 & FSX

    Area 51 - UH-1Y Venom for FS2004 & FSX


    Area 51 Simulations presents the UH-1Y Venom for FS2004 and FSX Maximum utility, minimum futility... The UH-1Y is a design for the 21st century. Produced to meet the stringent requirements of the USMC today – its aircraft design brings together proven UH-1N airframe reliability, a new composite four bladed rotor system and powerful T700-GE-401C engines. With fully integrated weapons, avionics and communications systems the UH-1Y flies with the most advanced aircraft survivability equipment in the world. The UH-1Y is truly state-of-the-art. Flight Simulator Specifications - Different MDL files for FS2004 and FSX - Very High Detail Exterior and Interior (both cockpits modeled) - Photoreal Textures (including bump maps) - Paint Kit File - 2D Panel - Armed and empty versions - Marine / Navy / Aggressor / Black Ops / Desert configurations Learn More
  2. Area 51 - UH-60X Stealth Blackhawk for FSX

    Area 51 - UH-60X Stealth Blackhawk for FSX


    Area 51 Simulations presents the UH-60X Stealth Blackhawk for FSX In the 1 May 2011 operation that killed Osama bin Laden, it emerged that the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment, which operated the helicopters during the raid, used a highly modified version of the UH-60. Features apparently include a modified tail section with extra blades on the tail rotor and other additions which significantly lowered noise levels from that of conventional UH-60s. It also had low-observable technology similar to that of F-117 that enabled it to evade Pakistan Air Force radars. The aircraft seemed to include features like special high-tech materials, harsh angles, and flat surfaces, found only on sophisticated stealth jets. This came to light only when one of the helicopters used in the operation crashed and was subsequently destroyed except for its tail section. Low observable versions of the Black Hawk have been studied as far back as the mid-1970s... Flight Simulator Specifications - For FSX Only - Very High Detail Exterior and Interior - Photoreal Textures (including bump maps) - Paint Kit File - Armed and empty versions (Minigun and full stealth version) Learn More
  3. Area51 - F-35 Joint Strike Fighter

    Area51 - F-35 Joint Strike Fighter


    Compatible with: FSX and FS2004 The F-35 Lighting II is the newest US military fighter. Developed jointly for the Air Force, Navy and Marines in different variations, it is slated to replace the F-16 when it enters full service with more than 2000 aircraft already planned. Designed as a single-seat, multi-role fighter, it will provide close air support, tactical bombing and air-to-air combat. The first production model flew late 2006. Our Flight Simulator models include the F-35A for conventional landings, F-35B for vertical takeoff and landing and F-35C for carrier based operations. This beautiful model is for use with FS2004 and FSX and includes all 3 mentioned variations. Specifications Manufacturer: Lockheed Martin Wing Span: 35 ft Height: 17ft 4in Length: 50ft 6in Engine: P&W F135 turbofan with afterburner Thrust: 25,000 lbs Thrust with afterburner: 40,000 lbs Max Gross Weight: 60,000 lbs Cruise Speed: 128 kts Max Speed: Mach 1.6 / 1,200 mph Ceiling: 55,000 ft Range: 1,200 nm Rate of climb: classified Fuel capacity: 18,000 lbs Guns: 25mm cannon (F-35A) Internal Loadout: 4 air-to-air or 2 air-to-air & 2 air-to-surface missiles External Loadout: 2 missiles and 4 missiles or bombs (15,000 lbs) Learn More
  4. Area51 - McDonnell Douglas MD-11

    Area51 - McDonnell Douglas MD-11


    Compatible with: FSX and FS2004 The MD-11 is the stretched successor to the McDonnell Douglas DC-10. With three powerful engines, the MD-11 is a medium to long range aircraft capable of carrying 320 passengers over a range of 6900 nm. Our Premier Collection MD-11 model was created by the team of Barry Blaisdell and Bob May and includes three liveries. We hope that you enjoy flying these airliners. Specifications Length: 202 ft 2 in Height: 57 ft 6 in Engines: 3 x Pratt & Whitney PW4462 turbofans Power: 62,000 lbs thrust each Max Takeoff Weight: 602,500 lbs Max Speed: Mach .82 @31,000 ft Ceiling: 45,000 ft Range: 6,900 nm Wingspan: 170 ft 6 in
    McDonnell Douglas MD-11 is produced under license from Boeing Management Company. MD-11 is one of the trademarks owned by Boeing.
    Learn More
  5. Area51 - Cessna Mustang

    Area51 - Cessna Mustang


    Compatible with: FSX and FS2004 Cessna Aircraft sees a demand for a small aircraft in the "very light jet" category with its new Citation Mustang. The Mustang has a max speed of 340 knots at an altitude up to 41,000 ft. Powered by two PW615F turbofan engines, it can operate at smaller airports with 3,100 ft runways. Now in full production, Cessna is scheduled to produce 150 of this groundbreaking aircraft during 2009. Designer Tolga Piskin has modeled the new Citation Mustang. The Citation Mustang includes a "glass primary flight display" designed by Tony D'Ambrosio. Specifications Height: 13 ft 5 in Length: 40 ft 7 in Wingspan: 42 ft 9 in Fuel Capacity: 2,580 lbs Max Takeoff Weight: 8,480 lbs Useful Load: 3,180 lbs Maximum Cruise: 340 knots Maximum Operating Altitude: 41,000 ft Maximum Range: 1,150 nm Takeoff Distance: 3,120 ft Landing Distance: 2,610 ft Engines: 2 PW615F; 1350 lbs thrust each Cessna Citation Mustang is a trademark owned by Textron Innovations and is used by Abacus under license. Learn More
  6. Area51 - Cessna 185 Skywagon

    Area51 - Cessna 185 Skywagon


    Compatible with: FSX and FS2004 The Cessna 185 is based on the design of the vintage C120 and C140 tail-draggers and later the C180. From 1961 to 1985, Cessna Aircraft built more than 34,000 of the model 185 Skywagons. The later versions of the C185 are equipped with an IO-520D engine enabling a cruise of 147 knots for 850 mile range. Well-known designer Dave Eckert has made these two excellent models of the six passenger Cessna 185 Skywagon for FSX and FS2004. One is the familiar wheeled version and the other a sporty float version. Specifications Manufacturer: Cessna Engine: IO-520D, 300HP Length: 25 ft 8 in Wingspan: 35 ft 10 in Top Speed: 153 kts Ceiling: 17,900 feet Gross Weight: 3,350 pounds Range: 850 nm Learn More
  7. Area51 - Cessna 182T

    Area51 - Cessna 182T


    Compatible with: FSX and FS2004 Cessna has made more single engine aircraft than any other aircraft manufacturer. The 182T is its current mainstay and is widely used by private pilots worldwide. Pavel Tobolka designed our 182T for FSX and FS2004. The package includes four different paint schemes for your flying pleasure. Specifications Manufacturer: Cessna Wing Span: 36ft 0 in Length: 29ft 0 in Height:: 9 ft 4 in Engine: IO-540 Textron Lycoming 230 BHP Propeller: McCaluley Constant Speed 3-blade Empty Weight: 1,900 lbs Max Gross Weight: 3,100 lbs Cruise Speed: 145 kts Stall Speed w/flaps: 49 kts Rate of Climb: 920 fpm Ceiling: 18,100 ft Fuel Capacity: 88 gal Range: 960 nm Learn More
  8. Area51 - Bundle - Ultimate Heavy

    Area51 - Bundle - Ultimate Heavy


    Compatible with FSX and FS2004 Take the controls of the world's most famous heavies in one package. Separately these 3 titles would run $89.85 ($29.95 + $29.95 + $29.95) but we've put them together for you at a special low price! Here's what you get: Fly The Airbus Fleet A310-300 A319-100 A320-200 A330-300 A340-600 A350-800 The aircraft of the Airbus fleet cover the full range of airline requirements. From the old style analog instrumentation of the A310 to the A350, the newest Airbus member that's still on the drawing board, these aircraft serve a very specific segment of the flying public. Fly The Boeing 787 Dreamliner The Boeing 787 Dreamliner has recently been one of the most talked about airliners for the last several months. Now you can get the feel and excitement of flying the Boeing’s newest airliner! Besides the strikingly handsome outer aircraft, you’ll quickly notice the interior that includes a full 3D virtual cockpit. Fly The Airbus A380 The Airbus A380 is the world’s largest passenger aircraft. With its unique two story passenger compartment, the newly designed Model 900 can be outfitted to carry an incredible 650+ passengers up to 7800 miles. This is your chance to climb into the cockpit and fly this huge, exciting aircraft. Fly The Airbus A380 includes four models for FSX and FS2004: the 700, 800, 800F and 900 that feature many liveries of the A380 launch customers. Take the controls in this collection of the world’s most famous heavies flying the sky. Learn More
  9. Area51 - Bundle - Ultimate Military

    Area51 - Bundle - Ultimate Military


    Compatible with FSX and FS2004 We've bundled 3 great packages into an adrenaline charged collection of the most famous military aircraft ever to take to the sky! Separately these 3 titles would run $89.85 ($29.95 + $29.95 + $29.95) but we've put them together for you at a special low price! Here's what you get: (NOTE: Missions are available only in Microsoft FSX.) Fighter Pilot 2
    • F-14 Tomcat
    • F-15 Eagle
    • F-16 Fighting Falcon
    • EA-18G Growler
    • F-22 Raptor
    International Fighters
    • V-22 Osprey
    • F-15 Strike Eagle
    • MiG-29 Fulcrum
    • Saab Viggen
    • F-117 Nighthawk
    • SU-33 Flanker
    • F-35 Lightning II
    • AS565 Panther
    • F-111 Aardvark
    • Eurofighter Typhoon
    • Mirage 2000
    Flight Deck 6
    • T-34 Turbo Mentor
    • T-45 Goshawk
    • F/A-18C Hornet
    • F/A-18E Super Hornet
    • EA-6B Prowler
    • C-2A Greyhound
    • E-2C Hawkeye
    • SH-60B Seahawk
    Learn More
  10. Area51 - Cessna L-19 Bird Dog

    Area51 - Cessna L-19 Bird Dog


    Compatible with: FSX and FS2004 The L-19 was developed as a light liaison and observation aircraft for the US Army in 1949. Heavily used for communication, medevac and training the Bird Dog was renamed the O-1 during the Vietnam era. In 1964 the Army had handed over these aircraft to the US Air Force. This Cessna L-19 Bird Dog is for use with FS2004 and FSX and includes multiple liveries. Specifications Manufacturer: Cessna Aircraft Engine: Continental O-470-11 Power: 213 hp Length: 25' 9" Height: 7' 4" Wingspan: 36' 0" Max speed: 130 mph Max ceiling: 20,300 ft Empty weight: 1,600 lbs Max takeoff weight: 2,400 lbs Max range: 530 mi Rate of climb: 1,040 fpm This Cessna L-19 Bird Dog aircraft is produced under license from Textron. Cessna L-19 Bird Dog™ is among the trademarks owned by Textron. Learn More