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  1. Premier - Aerostar 700 - Download

    Premier - Aerostar 700 - Download


    Compatible with: FS2004 When Aerostar Aircraft's 700 Aerostar debuted in the 1970's it was the world's fastest twin-piston. Designed as a business-class aircraft, it's heavy-duty structure provided a solid ride and with two 350 HP engines with counter-rotating props producing a 215 knot cruising speed. Frank King and Terry Hill have collaborated to produce this exciting new aircraft for FS2004 and FS2002 users. Now they can fly this single turbo prop at high speed and long range. Specifications Engine: 2 x Lycoming IO-540-U2A, 350HP Propeller: 2 x Hartzell 3-blade Cabin length: 11.8 ft Cabin height: 3.9 ft Cabin width: 3.8 ft Max cruise: 215 knots Max range: 1100 nm Max operating altitude: 30,000 ft Rate of climb: 1875 ft/min Landing distance over 50' obstacle: 2,140 ft Takeoff distance over 50' obstacle: 3,080 ft Stall speed (landing configuration): 73 knots Learn More
  2. Premier - Air Tractor AT-802 - Download

    Premier - Air Tractor AT-802 - Download


    Compatible with: FS2004 The Air Tractor 802 is the world's largest single engine aircraft. It's a versatile plane that can be outfitted for heavy-duty work. With a 1424 HP Pratt & Whitney PT6A-67R it has a gross takeoff weight or more than 16,000 lbs. As a sprayer or firefighter it can carry 820 gallons of liquid fertilizer or fire suppressant. Designer Brian Gladden has modeled two versions of the AT802: one used as a crop duster and a float version used for firefighting. These two new planes are ready to fly with FS2004. Take them both out now for a test flight. Specifications Engine: Pratt & Whitney PT6A-67R, 1424 HP Length: 36 ft 4 in Height: 11 ft Wing Span: 58 ft 0 in Empty Weight: 6,300 lbs Max Takeoff Weight: 16,000 lbs Max Cruise: 182 kts Normal Cruise: 172 kts Max Range: 434 nm Rate of Climb: 800 ft/min Learn More
  3. Premier - DHC-2 Beaver - Download

    Premier - DHC-2 Beaver - Download


    Compatible with: FS2004 From the start, the DeHavilland DHC-2 Beaver wasdesigned as a bush aircraft. It first appeared in 1948 with more than 1700 units produced over its two decades of manufacture. Noted craftsman Massimo Taccoli designed this DHC-2 Beaver for FS2004 and FS2002. This set of three Beavers includes two wheeled versions and a float version. Specifications Wing Span: 48 ft 0 in Length: 30 ft 4 in Height: 9 ft 0 in Empty Weight: 2,850 lbs Seaplane Length: 32 ft 9 in Seaplane Height: 10 ft 5 in Seaplane Empty Weight: 3,316 lbs Engine: P&W R985 Wasp Junior Maximum Speed: 121 Kts Max Cruising Speed: 117 Kts Normal Cruising Speed: 109 Kts Initial Rate Of Climb: 1,020 ft/min Ceiling: 18,000 ft Range: 676 nm VA - Maneuvering Speed: 108 Kts VFE - Maximum Flaps Extended Speed: 91 Kts VS - Stalling Speed Flaps Up: 52 Kts VSO - Stalling Speed Flaps Landing: 39 Kts VX - Best Angle-of-Climb Speed: 69 Kts VY - Best Rate-of-Climb Speed: 82 Kts Best Glide Speed: 82 Kts Learn More
  4. Premier - Found Bush Hawk XP - Download

    Premier - Found Bush Hawk XP - Download


    Compatible with: FS2004 Found Aircraft Development has been making its planes to operate in the back country since 1946. The latest model from Found is the FBA-2C1 XP model. It was certified to fly in Canada in March 1999 and in the US in March 2000. Steve Grant has designed this float model for FS2004 and FS2002 complete with dynamic virtual cockpit and realistic flight model. In keeping with Found, it operates easily from remote areas. Specifications Manufacturer: Found Aircraft Development Inc. Engine: Lycoming IO-540 Horsepower: 300 HP Length: 26.6 ft Wingspan: 36 ft Empty Weight: 1900 lbs Useful Load: 1600 lbs Rate Of Climb: 1,120 ft/min Take-Off distance: 750 ft Cruise @75%: 150 kts Stall Speed: 52 kts Max Range: 817 nm Learn More
  5. Premier - Piper Super Cub - Download

    Premier - Piper Super Cub - Download


    Compatible with: FS2004 The Super Cub is one of Piper's most successful and long lived aircraft. It was manufactured for more than 40 years. Roughly 7500 Super Cubs were built from 1949 to 1982. Graham Oxtoby and Dennis Seeley have designed four versions of the Super Cub for you to fly. Specifications Wing Span: 35 ft 2.5 in Length: 22 ft 7 in Height: 6 ft 8.5 in Power: 150 HP @ 2700 RPM at SL Empty Weight: 983 lb MTO Weight: 1750 lb Max Speed: 130 mph at SL Cruise @ 75% power: 115 mph Max Climb: 960 fpm at SL Service Ceiling: 19,000 ft Range: 460 mi Learn More
  6. Premier - Vans RV-6 - Download

    Premier - Vans RV-6 - Download


    Compatible with: FS2004 The RV-6 is a great performing homebuilt. With a top speed of about 200 mph, it can wisk you 800 miles in affordable comfort. Brian Gladden has modeled this RV-6 for FS2004 with FS Design Studio Specifications Engine: Experimental Lycoming IO-320E2A non-certified 150 HP Length: 19 ft 9 in Height: 6 ft 8 in Wing Span: 23 ft 0 in Max Level Speeds: 195 mph @ sea level (170 @ 8,000 ft) Max Cruise: 180 mph Landing Speed: 55 to 60 mph Final Approach Speed: 75-80 mph Stall Speed: 55 mph clean, 50 mph w/flaps Maximum Range: 695 nm @ 75% power), 840 nm @ 55% power Service Ceiling: 19,500 ft. msl (recommended 12,500 ft. msl) Climb Rate (1,500 lbs): 1,400 fpm @ sea level Empty Weight: 1,075 lbs Maximum T/O Weight: 1,700 lbs Learn More
  7. Private Pilot 2 - Download

    Private Pilot 2 - Download


    Compatible with: FS2004 and FS2002 This package is a set of exciting light planes that will give you the flexibility to not only learn but to master the skill needed by every private pilot. When starting out, beginning pilots learn to fly the smaller single-engine aircraft. As a private pilot you have the freedom to roam wherever your small plane takes you. Unlike larger commercial aircraft, you're not limited to long runways and air traffic control restrictions. Take advantage of the flexibility as you buckle up in the left hand seat of these exciting aircraft: - Aerostar 700 - Aviat Husky - Cessna 185 Skywagon - Diamond Katana - Pilatus PC12 - Piper Tri Pacer Private Pilot 2 also includes obstacle courses, airports and flights to challenge your skills. Learn More
  8. MCR 01 Ultralight - Download

    MCR 01 Ultralight - Download


    Compatible with: FSX and FS2004 Conceived in 1994 and taking to the air in July 1996, the MCR Sportster is a side by side two-seater aeroplane manufactured by Dyn Aero in France which delivers incredible performance and capability. Fast and agile, the aircraft was specifically designed to reach its top speed whilst providing the most enjoyable flying experience to pilots. Being a high performance aircraft, it can cruise at a speed of 300 km/h with ease using only a 100hp power plant making it also extremely economical to run. Thanks mainly to the highest level of technology available and constructed using the lightest materials, the Sporster features a highly efficient direct control system which guarantees the same degree of satisfaction as flying a fighter jet! A choice of different engine sizes is available and other options include a ballistic recovery system parachute, extended range wing tanks and toe operated hydraulic brakes Together with an MCR-01 of the Aero Light Club, Strausberg, near Berlin, this Microsoft Flight Simulator add-on also contains other models of privately owned aircraft from France, England, Switzerland, Austria and Germany as well as two different templates for repainting should you wish to create your own personal version. The cockpit is completely functional and contains all necessary displays and instruments such as the air speed indicator and altimeter, GPS, fuel gauges and navigation lights. The flight simulator models contained in this package were created using documents obtained from the manufacturer. The sound effects are authentic sound recordings from the real aircraft. A number of animations both internally and externally round off this Flight Simulator creation of this popular two-seater aircraft. Features: * Easy to fly and accurate flight model * Various liveries including two templates for repainting * Realistic internal and exterior modeling * Fully functional cockpit with all displays and instruments * Extensive animation and effects (e.g. moving wheels with suspension, opening cockpit hood and propeller animation) * Includes a scenery of the Berlin Strausberg¬Ě airfield Learn More
  9. Early Years of Flight - Download

    Early Years of Flight - Download


    Compatible with: FS2004 and FSX Relive the golden age of aviation when a hardy band of adventurers first took to the skies in direct defiance of gravity. This compelling collection of early aircraft features five machines that smashed records and finally allowed mankind to break the bonds holding us to the earth. - Wright Flyer Model B - Santos-Dumont 14-bis - Handley Page E - Bleriot XI Monoplane - Goliescu Avioplan Learn More
  10. Commuter Xpress 2 - CD-ROM

    Commuter Xpress 2 - CD-ROM


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    Compatible with: FS2004 In the fiercely competitive air transport industry, commuter airlines are playing a vital part in the quest for profits. By using the hub city approach, they're building a route system in which the commuters fly passengers from smaller towns to hub cities where they board larger aircraft for longer flights to distant cities. Here's your chance to find out how the commuter airlines fly "cheap." You'll be flying these economical aircraft as a Commuter Xpress 2 pilot: Bombardier CRJ-900 DeHavilland DHC-8-200 "Dash 8" Dornier 328 Prop Dorner 328 Jet Embrarer ERJ-190 Saab 340B Build A Flight As the pilot for any of the six Commuter Xpress 2 airlines, you'll choose from dozens of departure points, destinations and scheduled times to best serve the flying public. When you start Commuter Xpress 2, you'll select the commuter airline, departure/destination airports, departure time as well as the aircraft to build your flight. Learn More