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  1. Bundle - Ultimate Heavy - CD-ROM

    Bundle - Ultimate Heavy - CD-ROM


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    Compatible with FSX and FS2004 Take the controls of the world's most famous heavies in one package. Separately these 3 titles would run $89.85 ($29.95 + $29.95 + $29.95) but we've put them together for you at a special low price! Here's what you get: Fly The Airbus Fleet A310-300 A319-100 A320-200 A330-300 A340-600 A350-800 The aircraft of the Airbus fleet cover the full range of airline requirements. From the old style analog instrumentation of the A310 to the A350, the newest Airbus member that's still on the drawing board, these aircraft serve a very specific segment of the flying public. Fly The Boeing 787 Dreamliner The Boeing 787 Dreamliner has recently been one of the most talked about airliners for the last several months. Now you can get the feel and excitement of flying the Boeing’s newest airliner! Besides the strikingly handsome outer aircraft, you’ll quickly notice the interior that includes a full 3D virtual cockpit. Fly The Airbus A380 The Airbus A380 is the world’s largest passenger aircraft. With its unique two story passenger compartment, the newly designed Model 900 can be outfitted to carry an incredible 650+ passengers up to 7800 miles. This is your chance to climb into the cockpit and fly this huge, exciting aircraft. Fly The Airbus A380 includes four models for FSX and FS2004: the 700, 800, 800F and 900 that feature many liveries of the A380 launch customers. Take the controls in this collection of the world’s most famous heavies flying the sky. Learn More