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  1. Premier - UH-60 Blackhawk - Download

    Premier - UH-60 Blackhawk - Download


    Compatible with: FSX and FS2004 The Sikorsky UH-60 Blackhawk is one of the Army's most widely used choppers that first saw service in 1978. They are used for various missions such as air assault, cavalry and medical evacuation. For assault the Blackhawk can transport eleven troops with 105-mm howitzer and 30 rounds of ammunition. This impressive Blackhawk was designed by Turgut Piskin. Includes these 4 models in various liveries: - UH-60Q Blackhawk - MH-60K Nighthawk - HH-60J Jayhawk - HH-60H Seahawk Learn More
  2. Premier - Eurocopter Tiger - Download

    Premier - Eurocopter Tiger - Download


    Compatible with: FSX and FS2004 Originally conceived of in the early 1980s, the Eurocopter Tiger debuted in 1991. Its design and manufacture was championed by France and Germany, there are two main variation. The Tiger HAC/UHT is a multi-role helicopter. The Trigat or Hot missles are for anti-tank warfare. The air-to-ground rockets are for fire support. It has mast-mounted sight with infrared and television senors The Tiger HAP is an escort helicopter, built for air-to-air combat and fire support. It can operate in daytime and night combat. Its low detectability provides battle survivability.It has a roof-mounted sight with infrared, television and periscope sensors Our Premier Collection Eurocopter Tiger includes the HAC/UHT and HAP versions and four different paint schemes in all. Specifications Length: 45ft 8in Height: 17 ft 1in Main Rotor diameter: 42 ft Tail Rotor diameter: 8ft 10in Engines: 2x MTU/Rolls-Royce/Turbom├ęca MTR 390 turboshafts; 1.170 hp Max take off weight: 13200 lbs Max speed: 174 knots Cruising speed: 170 knots Service ceiling: 6550 ft Max range: 390 nm Armament: 1 x GIAT AM-30781 30 mm cannon (HAP) 22 x SNEB 68 mm rocket pods (HAC) 8 x HOT-3 or 8 x Trigat anti-tank missiles (HAC) 4 x Stinger or 4 x Mistral air to air missiles (HAP/HAC) Learn More
  3. Area51 - CH-46 Sea Knight

    Area51 - CH-46 Sea Knight


    Compatible with: FS2004 The Marines use the twin rotor CH-46E to transport combat troops. The Sea Knight is also used to move supplies and equipment. It's designed to deliver up to 22 troops to the front line, it flies at 145 knots and a range of 120 nm. Additionally, it is used for combat support, search and rescue, forward refueling and rearming points, medical evacuation and recovery of aircraft and personnel. It's cargo capacity is about 5000 lbs. The CH-46 Sea Knight was made using FS Design Studio V2. Specifications Engines: 2 x GE-T58-16 engines Horsepower: 1,770 hp Length: 45 ft, 8 in (13.89m ) folded | 84 ft, 4 in(25.7mmeters) spread Width: 51 ft (15.54 m) w/ rotors spread Height: 16 ft 8 in (5.08m) Maximum Takeoff Weight: 24,300 lbs (11,032 kg) Range: 132 nm for land assault mission Speed: 145 kts Ceiling; 10,000 ft Crew: Four; pilot, copilot, crew chief, mechanic Combat payload: max. of 22 troops and 2 aerial gunners Medical evacuation payload: 15 litters, 2 attendants Maximum Cargo: 5,000 lbs Learn More
  4. Premier - AS 565 Panther - Download

    Premier - AS 565 Panther - Download


    Compatible with: FSX and FS2004 Since 1986, the Eurocopter AS565 has served as a troop transport, medivac, attack and support helicopter. In all about 260 Panthers have been produced. It is currently used by the militaries of Brazil, Greece, Ireland, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Bulgaria and France. This beautiful model is for use with FS2004 and FSX and includes multiple liveries and accurate flight charactestics and 2S/3D panel. Specifications Manufacturer: Eurocopter Crew: 48 ft Capacity: 10 Rotor: 39' 2" Height: 13' Length: 45' 10" Engines: 2 x Turbomeca Arriel 2C turbos Power: 550 hp each Max Gross Weight: 9,480 lbs Max Speed: 165 knots Ceiling: 19,200 ft Range: 515 nm Rate of climb: 29 ft/sec Guns: 20mm canons Missles: HOT anti-tank Learn More