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  1. Area51 - Cessna 162 SkyCatcher

    Area51 - Cessna 162 SkyCatcher


    Compatible with: FS2004 and FSX The Cessna 162 SkyCatcher is the first Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) to come from the venerable Cessna Corporation. This new two-place LSA made it's first flight in 2006 with initial deliveries a few years later. The SkyCatcher is made mostly of aluminum with a fiberglass cowling. With an upward swinging door and fixed tricycle landing gear and control sticks instead of yokes, the SkyCatcher departs from design of earlier high-wing models. The engine is a Continental O-200D that delivers 100hp of power to a two-blade propeller. The main avionics are provided by a Garmin G300 and we've included three manuals to help you learn the new navigation suite. The low-cost Cessna 162 is intended for flight training and personal use. Learn More
  2. Light Jet Mini Collection - Download

    Light Jet Mini Collection - Download


    Compatible with: FS2004 and FSX This collection features late model light jets: Adam A-700 - a twin turbofan with 1600 mile range to serves as part of corporate fleets. Diamond D-Jet - economical single engine jet Grob SPn - a composite utility jet with long range and large payload Safire Jet - high performance aircraft cruises at 380 kts and 41,000 ft. We've bundled these four aircraft into a single download package for easy installation at a great price. Learn More
  3. Premier - Diamond Twin Star - Download

    Premier - Diamond Twin Star - Download


    Compatible with: FSX and FS2004 Diamond Aircraft's new DA-42 Twin Star is a 4-place light twin. With two turbo diesel engines and retractable landing gear, the Twin Star can cover 1400 miles at 180 mph. Brian Gladden has once again designed this handsome aircraft for FSX and FS2004. Complete with glass instrument panel, you'll enjoy the ease of handling this turbo twin. Specifications Manufacturer: Diamond External Height: 8 ft 6 in External Length: 27 ft 11 in Wingspan: 44 ft Maximum Cruise Speed: 202 kts Maximum Operating Altitude: 18,000 ft Maximum Range: 1,442 nm Empty Weight: 2,400 lbs Max Gross Weight: 3,637 lbs Useful Load: 1,237 lbs Takeoff Distance: 1,542 ft Landing Distance: 1,640 ft Learn More
  4. Early Years of Flight - Download

    Early Years of Flight - Download


    Compatible with: FS2004 and FSX Relive the golden age of aviation when a hardy band of adventurers first took to the skies in direct defiance of gravity. This compelling collection of early aircraft features five machines that smashed records and finally allowed mankind to break the bonds holding us to the earth. - Wright Flyer Model B - Santos-Dumont 14-bis - Handley Page E - Bleriot XI Monoplane - Goliescu Avioplan Learn More
  5. Premier - Maule MT-235 - Download

    Premier - Maule MT-235 - Download


    Compatible with: FSX and FS2004 Based in Moultrie, CA, Maule Air produces a 4-passenger STOL that's commonly used for bush and utility operations. With a super-slow 40 mph stall speed and a 160 mph cruise it covers a wide range of uses. Why not take this STOL up now for a free 7 day trial? The Maule MT-235 was crafted by Pavel Thoman for both FSX and FS2004. Our Premier Collection set has three attractive liveries. Specifications Manufacturer : Maule Air Wing Span: 32 ft 11 ft Length: 23 ft 6 in Height: 8 ft 4 in Empty Weight: 1600 lbs Max Takeoff Weight: 2500 lbs Engine: Lycoming IO-540-V4A5 Takeoff: 250 ft Takeoff over 50' obstacle: 600 ft Landing over 50' obstacle: 500 ft Cruise (75% power): 160 mph Stall Speed w/flaps: 40 mph Rate Of Climb: 1500 ft/min Ceiling: 20,000 ft Fuel Capacity: 70 gal Learn More
  6. Premier - Piper Tri Pacer - Download

    Premier - Piper Tri Pacer - Download


    Compatible with: FSX and FS2004 Piper Aircraft manufactured only two high-wing, tricycle-gear aircraft: the PA-22 Tri Pacer and PA-22-108 Colt. The original Piper PA-22 Tri Pacer was powered by a 125hp Lycoming O-290-D engine. It was also the last aircraft in production to have metal tubing and fabric covering. Piper Corporation had high sales of the Tri-Pacer designs. The four-seat PA-22 was produced from 1949 to the early 1960s. A smaller 2-seat Colt based on the Tri-Pacer was used as a trainer. Designer Brian Gladden has created this set of six different Tri-Pacers for FSX and FS2004 users: Yellow Stripe, Red Stripe, Blue Stripe with Wheel pants, Green stripe with Wheel pants, Red Stripe with Floats and Green Stripe with Floats. Specifications Wing Span: 29 ft 4 in Length: 20 ft 7 in Height: 8 ft 4 iin Engine: One 125hp Lycoming O-290-D Empty Weight: 1,100 lbs. (PA-22-150) Maximum Take-off Weight: 2,000 lbs. (PA-22-150) Maximum Cruise Speed: 114 kts Stall Speed, no power flaps up: 91 kts Stall Speed, no power flaps down: 64 kts Rate of Climb: 725 ft/min Ceiling: 15,000 ft Range: 460 miles Learn More
  7. Premier - Socata TB-21 Trinidad - Download

    Premier - Socata TB-21 Trinidad - Download


    Compatible with: FSX and FS2004 Socata Aerospatiale's TB series has been praised for its fine flight characteristics, economics and looks. The TB21 Trinidad is an excellent example of the design prowess of this aircraft. Its muscular turbo engine cann pulls it though the air at up to 25,000 feet at 180 knots. Yet it handles remarkably well with a stall speed of 54 knots. Our TB21 Trinidad was modeled by Barry Blaisdell and Bob May for both FSX and FS2004. The set is composed of three different paint schemes USA, French and UK. Specifications Manufacturer: Socata Aerospatiale Wing Span: 32.1 ft Length: 25.4 ft Height: 9.3 ft Engine: Lycoming IO-540 Turbo 250 HP Max Gross Weight: 3,080 lbs Cruise Speed: 169 kts Max Speed: 190 kts Ceiling: 25,000 ft Learn More
  8. Premier - Symphony 160 - Download

    Premier - Symphony 160 - Download


    Compatible with: FSX and FS2004 The Symphony 160 is designed from the ground up to be an economical 2-seater. With its large comfortable cabin, easy handling characteristics and generous performance. Our Flight Simulator model of the Symphony 160 was designed by Pavel Tobolka for both FSX and FS2004. The package includes three different paint schemes for your flying pleasure. Specifications Manufacturer: Symphony Aircraft Wing Span: 35 ft Length: 22.9 ft Engine: IO-320 Textron Lycoming 160 HP Empty Weight: 1,400 lbs Max Gross Weight: 2,150 lbs Cruise Speed: 128 kts Max Speed: 160 kts Stall Speed w/o flaps: 60 kts Stall Speed w/flaps: 51 kts Rate of Climb 710 fpm Ceiling: 16,400 ft Fuel Capacity: 29 gal Learn More
  9. Premier - Zenith CH-801 - Download

    Premier - Zenith CH-801 - Download


    Compatible with: FSX and FS2004 The Zenith CH-801 is a kit aircraft made by Zenith Aircraft. It features maximum short-field performance and utility and easy assembly and at an affordable price. Its predecessor, the CH-701 was a two seat, short take-off and landing aircraft. Designed to appeal to sport pilots and first-time builders, later updates provided for dual wing tanks, stonger landing gear , improved windshield and larger capacity. The CH801 has four seats and a much higher payload than the CH701 but does so with almost the same short field takeoff and landing preformance. It's huge wing area and powerplant allows it to be airborne in under 300 feet. With the flaps down, it has a stall speed of only 35 mph. This CH801 with tundra tires was designed with FS Design Studio by Brian Gladden. Specifications Length: 24 ft 6 in Height (rudder top): 10 ft Wing Span: 31 ft 4 in Empty Weight: 1,150 lbs. Gross Weight: 2,150 lbs. Cabin Width (shoulders): 44+ in. Never Exceed Speed: 150 mph Take-off Roll: 290 feet Max level speed: 112 mph Cruise speed (75% @ 7,000 ft.): 106 mph Stall Speed (flaps down): 35 mph Stall Speed (flaps up): 43 mph Rate of Climb: 1,200 fpm Service Ceiling: 16,000 feet Engine: Lycoming O-360-A Horsepower: 180 BPH Learn More
  10. Premier - Aerostar 700 - Download

    Premier - Aerostar 700 - Download


    Compatible with: FS2004 When Aerostar Aircraft's 700 Aerostar debuted in the 1970's it was the world's fastest twin-piston. Designed as a business-class aircraft, it's heavy-duty structure provided a solid ride and with two 350 HP engines with counter-rotating props producing a 215 knot cruising speed. Frank King and Terry Hill have collaborated to produce this exciting new aircraft for FS2004 and FS2002 users. Now they can fly this single turbo prop at high speed and long range. Specifications Engine: 2 x Lycoming IO-540-U2A, 350HP Propeller: 2 x Hartzell 3-blade Cabin length: 11.8 ft Cabin height: 3.9 ft Cabin width: 3.8 ft Max cruise: 215 knots Max range: 1100 nm Max operating altitude: 30,000 ft Rate of climb: 1875 ft/min Landing distance over 50' obstacle: 2,140 ft Takeoff distance over 50' obstacle: 3,080 ft Stall speed (landing configuration): 73 knots Learn More