Military Aircraft

All military planes including fighter jets from all countries, prop and turbo prop aircraft, but does not include military helicopters.

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  1. Hawker Hurricane - CD-ROM

    Hawker Hurricane - CD-ROM


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    Compatible with: FSX and FS2004 With the war underway, the Hawker Hurricane MkII was developed with a reinforced fuselage to accommodate the new wings with room for drop tanks and bombs. With its Rolls Royce Merlin XX engine and super turbocharger it delivered improved performance at altitude. Included Versions: Mk IIA Mk IIB Mk IIC Tropical Mk IIC Mk IV Learn More
  2. MiG-29 Codename Fulcrum - Download

    MiG-29 Codename Fulcrum - Download


    Compatible with: FSX and FS2004 The MiG-29 was developed and built to counteract the threat of the F-15 and F-16 from the West, well over 1200 aircraft have been built since 1982. The MiG-29 is not only an extremely manoeverable an versatile fighter aircraft that can be developed into an export success. Apart from Russia, the air forces of over 30 nations have displayed the MiG-29. After reunification, the Federal Republic of Germany look over 24 MiG-29s of the former national peoples' army and, as a result became the first NATO member to deploy this aircraft. AFS-Design has now modelled the MiG-29 in the add-on for FS2004 and FSX. It comes with highly detailed external modelling and a completely animated virtual cockpit and is ready for take-off. Various liveries including the air forces of the Federal German and German Democratic Republic (GDR); Russian air force with special liveries as well as those of the Polish, Hungarian and Slovakian air forces. - Detailed external and internal modeling including comprehensive light effects an high resolution textures - Numerous animations (e.g. canopy and undercarriage) - Realistic flight dynamics ( including various different trim levels) - Formations flight model with three MiG-29s - Fully functioning autopilot - Fully functioning virtual cockpit with correct pilot viewpoint - Modified scenery of Rostock – Laage military airfield Learn More
  3. Vickers Wellington - Download

    Vickers Wellington - Download


    Compatible with: FSX and FS2004 Chocks away! as the iconic Wellington Bomber takes to the air for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 and FSX. Crafted with an eye to detail, by enthusiasts, for enthusiasts, this simulation of the Wellington places you in the Captain's seat of this classic warbird. Featuring the four most popular variants of the Vickers Wellington, the MK IC, the B. MkIII, the B. Mk X and B. Mk XIV, military aircraft fans will delight in getting airborne in support of Bomber and Coastal Commands in the aircraft that was always guaranteed to be in the thick of the action. From the first ever RAF bombing raid of World War 2, to hunting submarines over treacherous waters, to clandestine troop deployments behind enemy lines the Wellington became one of the great success stories of Anglo-Allied operations. The Wellington offers one of the most realistic recreations ever to grace a desktop simulation. The highly distinctive lines of the fuselage are supplemented by a raft of custom animations that offer an unprecedented depth of realism. With an authentic cockpit layout, and precision handling amid the roar of the mighty engines, aviation history bursts into dramatic life. To compliment the Wellington we also include additional scenery for RAF Driffield, circa 1941, home to the finest Wellington Squadrons. Aspiring Wellington crews are also requested to assemble in the briefing room ahead of embarking on a series challenging FSX missions that will test both pilot and aircraft to the limit. The amalgam of this lavishly detailed aircraft, period scenery and breathtaking missions come together to relive the unforgettable experience of the glory days of the Wellington. Learn More
  4. Tornado - Download

    Tornado - Download


    Compatible with: FSX and FS2004 Seven years of development and planning preceded the maiden flight of the Tornado fighter jet in 1974 and the aircraft was the product of a combined international effort between Great Britain, Italy and Germany. This all round fighter jet is deployed in many various military roles: close air support, long range interceptor, ground support, air superiority, short range interception , naval missions, reconnaissance and training. Altogether almost 1000 aircraft have been manufactured and in some cases the versions vary from each other quite considerably. The aircraft was also sold to other air forces around the world including Saudi Arabia. The Tornado is equipped with a number of special features which include variable geometry swing wings and a remarkable low flight capability. With the help of Terrain Following Radar (TFR) the pilot is able to whizz above the tree tops at heights as low as 200 ft. Its weaponry is just as versatile as the aircraft itself is and the Tornado can be armed with air to air missiles, cruise missiles, bombs and mines. One of its particular specialties is the advanced reconnaissance sensor that is often used in civilian missions to help in the search for missing persons. Features - Detailed exterior and interior including a fully animated virtual cockpit - High resolution textures with reflective surfaces - Comprehensive lighting (i.e. navigation landing lights) - Numerous animations (i. e. access hatch, retractable undercarriage with shock absorber animation) - Realistic flight dynamics - Formation flight model with three Tornados - Refueling probe for air to air refueling - Completely functioning autopilot - Functioning flight navigation avionics - Engine animations with reverse thrust and afterburners - Comes in the following liveries: - German, British, Italian and Saudi Arabian air forces. Learn More
  5. F4 Phantom Ultimate Edition - Download

    F4 Phantom Ultimate Edition - Download


    Compatible with: FSX and FS2004 AFS-Design has taken the most modern version of this famous aircraft and used it as the basis for this virtual version. The exterior model is highly detailed and the virtual cockpit is completely animated and several variants are ready for takeoff in both FS2004 and FSX. Numerous other small details round off this aircraft. Details and features of F-4F Phantom: - Detailed exterior and interior models including fully animated virtual cockpit - High resolution textures with reflective surfaces - Comprehensive light effects (for instance navigation and landing lights) - Numerous animations (loading hatch, entrance, retractable undercarriage with shock absorber animation) - Realistic flight dynamics - Formation flying model with three F-4F Phantoms - Arrestor hook animation - Fully functioning autopilot - Functional navigation avionics - Engine animations with afterburners Altogether there are 17 repaints! Learn More
  6. Platinum - F-14D Super Tomcat - Download

    Platinum - F-14D Super Tomcat - Download


    Compatible with: FS2004 and FSX With its trademark swiveling wings, the F-14D Super Tomcat is well known from Top Gun movie fame. This F-14D, a two-place supersonic aircraft that has cruised the skies in an air superiority role for the US Navy. It saw service over a long period of time - from 1974 until retirement in 2006. The Super Tomcat is a newer version, first used in 1991 and equipped with more powerful engines and advanced avionics and stealth-like capabilities. Our Super Tomcat is designed and implement by Turgut Piskin and graphic artist Garry J Smith has provided these cool liveries. Learn More
  7. Bundle - F-14 Tomcat & EA-6B Prowler - Download

    Bundle - F-14 Tomcat & EA-6B Prowler - Download


    Compatible with FSX and FS2004 These two exciting aircraft are among our bestsellers. We've combined them into a money-savings "bundle" for you to enjoy. The F-14 Super Tomcat is easily recognizable by its swiveling wings. You may also know the F-14 from the widely popular Top Gun movie. This supersonic fighters was the Navy's air superiority cop from 1974 to 2006. With its rounded nose, the EA-6B Prowler serves as an aircraft carrier protector role. The Prowler is equipped with sophisticated electronic gear that jams and disables enemy radar, communications and armaments. Learn More
  8. World War II Carrier Ops - Download

    World War II Carrier Ops - Download


    Compatible with: FS2004 and FS2002 WWII Carrier Ops takes you back to the historic era of carrier-based aircraft. You'll fly from the deck of the USS Enterprise and experience the ultimate challenge in aviation. Be ready to go at a moment's notice. When the alarm sounds, you hurry deck-side and jump into your aircraft. As the crew unfolds the wings, get busy running through the checklist, strapping yourself in and getting up your nerve to face a relentless enemy in the skies above. Set the brakes and rev up your engine. Wait anxiously for your turn. The flag drops so release your brakes and rush down the short deck. When you're clear, get your gear up. After lift-off, fly lazy eights as you await your wing mates for the flight to battle. You'll be flying these historic aicraft: - F4U Corsair - F4F-4 Wildcat - F6F-3 Hellcat - TBF-1 Avenger - And More! Learn More
  9. Vietnam Carrier Ops - Download

    Vietnam Carrier Ops - Download


    Compatible with: FS2004 Fly from the deck of the legendary "America's Flagship." the USS Constellation where you'll experience the ultimate in aviation. We've positioned the Constellation off the Vietnamese coast in the South China Sea for you to practice your missions. The Constellation includes exclusive arrestor cables technology and steam catalpult to get you quickly in the air. When you're ready to land, he Fresnal Lens Landing system helps you from ending up in the drink until the stretched steel arrestor cable brings you to a jolting halt. Special Vietnam Carrier Ops features - AI Traffic landing and launching - Detailed Vietnam-era aircraft - Exclusive aircraft weapons effects - Arrestor Cables and Catapult - Innovative Fresnal Lens Landing System - Aircraft carrier animation - moving radar, blask shield, navaids, AFD and more - Aircraft animation - tail hook, folding wings, afterburners and more Aircraft - A-7 Corsair II - F-4 Phantom - A-6 Intruder - F-8 Crusader - And More! Learn More
  10. UAV Predator - CD-ROM

    UAV Predator - CD-ROM


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    Compatible with: FSX and FS2004 Whether engaged in espionage, anti-terrorist operations or dealing a blow to crime cartels the Predator UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) brings airborne surveillance into the 21st century. In a revolutionary breakthrough for Flight Simulator, the Predator UAV is at your disposal and can be operated from the Ground Control station, using electronic display screens to guide the UAV to its target. Alternatively, take direct hands-on control of the Predator using a custom camera view that puts you in the thick of the action. A skilled operator will use the Predator to penetrate enemy territory to gather intelligence, avoid detection by hostile forces and relay realtime data to the Ground Control Station. Several exciting missions (FSX only) put you in the hotseat where mission success depends on split second decision making and absolute accuracy in handling the UAV. Flying the Predator across mountain ranges and at high speed through narrow canyons demands an operator with nerves of steel and a will of iron in pursuit of the target. Battle through the snows of the Arctic in search of a downed spy satellite, trying to keep one step ahead of the opposition in a frantic search to recover data vital to Allied interests. Pit your wits against ruthless terrorists in a tropical archipelago or race against the clock in a dramatic game of hide and seek across continental Europe and much much more. In a shadowy world where there are no second chances, the fate of nations is determined by the deadly spy in the sky. Bonus for FSX users only - Eight challenging missions. Learn More