Abacus is a publisher of quality software and computer books. We've been developing and publishing software for the home consumer since 1978 making us one of the pioneers in the personal computer industry.

We're the world's leading developer of flight simulation add-ons. Our current worldwide bestsellers include Flight Deck 5, Fly the Airbus 380, Fly the Boeing 787 Deamliner, Fly the Airbus Fleet, CoPilot Pro, Carrier Strike Force and FS Design Studio and many others - all add-ons for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

In the applications area is our Slideshow Studio, one of the simplest ways to share your photos with friends and relatives and Scrapbook Memory Shop for making attractive life books. Try one of our games Ultra Sudoku - it's very addictive.

We're also one of the leading developers of train simulation add-ons including Casino Express, LTV Trainset, Scenic Railway and Train Sim Modeler - all for Microsoft Train Simulator.

Our software is sold by a network of major retail chains and computer specialty stores throughout the world.

Our Platinum Collection and Premier Collection. Each product in the series is chosen based on the highest quality standards and offers the user a chance to "try-before-you-buy". And our newly introduced Mission Collection for FSX users offer full-fledged mission, easily downloadable.

We also publish computer books, concentrating on productivity titles. In the late-1980's, Abacus pioneered book/disk publishing by bundling the highly regarded book PC Intern with a ready-to-use diskette. Abacus was one of the first publishers to move to book/CD-ROM publishing. Among the best selling books are Tips, Tricks & Trips for FSX and Building Your Own PC.

Here is what the users say about us:

"Abacus has been great to me, nice prices, nice products and excellent support. Thank you very much. It's a please to shop with you.", O. Andreasen of Denmark


Here is what the users say about our software:


Air Taxi Pilot:

"You guys rock! Air taxi Pilot (purchased over web) is awesome for people who have a life. Cool jets, high speeds, short realistic trips. After all, it's take off, set auto pilot, land. I don't know what to say.  If you keep making products like Air taxi, I will buy them.", William O'Hara of Pinetta, FL.

"Thanks for the great program....Having lots of fun", J. Giese of Birmingham, NY.

CAP Search & Rescue:

"Without a doubt, Civil Air Patrol: Search and Rescue is the most fun I have had with Flight Simulator 2004", Review by Brian Smith, FlightSim.Com website

Carrier Strike Force :

"an impressive package if you are looking for the real feel of aircraft carrier operations...If you want to feel the rush of taking off from the deck of a moving carrier, and challenge your skills by trying to land on a moving carrier (probably the most difficult thing a pilot can do) this is the product for you. ", Review by Gustavo Mercado, FlightSim.Com website

Chopper Havoc:

"I have many of your ad-ons for MS Flight Simulator 2002/2004 but I was especially impressed with the Chopper Havoc.", Bruce Miller via the Internet

"All in all one of the best helicopter packages for MSFS I've come across and one I thoroughly recommend.", Journal of the Flight Simulator User Group of U.K.

"I have a spanking new Chopper Havoc to fly. Love it.", D. Potter via the Internet

Civil Air Patrol Pilot:

"Experienced simmers will enjoy the product not only for the great aircraft that are provided, but they will also enjoy a new "flavor" to flight simming.  Both new and old will learn about the very important roles and techniques that are used in real life by CAP personnel, and you might come away with a new found respect for what these folks are all about, especially if you're the one, someday finding yourself in a life vest in the middle of a very large and very cold lake, seeing a red, white and blue aircraft flying over with the letters CAP on the wings!", Review by Farmboyzims


"not only do I like it, but apparently so do thousands upon thousands of other simmers.... Personally, I rarely ever use Flight Simulator with out it. It is a great alternative to the default flight planning.", Review by Brian Fletcher, Avsim website

Custom Panel Designer:

"...a great piece of software. I use it to redesign panels for Alaskan Bush flying,, plus the included gauges are very useful...The digital vertical trim meter makes flying much easier. All planes should have this, including the real ones...", B. Cabler via the Internet


"I flew ... from London to Meigs on your GPS....I ended up exactly in the centre of Meigs Runway!" from J.R. via the Internet

"Please hurry (sending the Registration Key). I love this product" from T.P. via the Internet

"I've been looking for such a program for years - just what I wanted. A teriffic idea particularly for those of us down under (Australia). Postage from the U.S. can be a product killer." from B.M. via the Internet


"Brilliant software", R.T. of U.K. via Internet

"It is truly incredible. I didn't appreciate how VERY much it would add to the flight sim experience. We've all seen the Abacus screen captures showing how buildings in Chicago, Washington, New York, etc., are specifically named and pin-pointed as you fly by them. For me, however, the greatest delight from this program came when I flew over the rural areas of West Virginia, where I live. Believe me, Flight Sim has no detailed scenery for these areas. Yet, amazingly, the E-Z Landmark program told me that I was flying over places like Big Otter, West Virginia, and Mud Flap, Kentucky. You can pick an interstate and fly directly over it. You see text on your screen announcing each new hole-in-the-wall town you're approaching, just like you're driving down some rural highway. It even works overseas.", D.M. via Internet

"I will also take every opportunity to tell what a great little program you've made....Your EZ-Landmark program has brought more pleasure than any add-on yet. Thank you!', M.A. from FL via Internet

"I really enjoy EZ-VFR and this ought to be a real trip. Great thinking guys", J.L. from GA via Internet

"...the idea behind EZ-Landmark is excellent", N.E. via Internet

"Thanks for creating such a wonderful and innovative product!", S.B. via Internet

"Congratulations for your excellent EZ-Landmark", A.D. via Internet

"What a cool concept!", M.H. via Internet

"I'm more into the scenery than I am the planes, and this little GEM has changed the whole thing for me. Like going from mono to stereo - you get to listen to everything again for the improvment. Thanks for the hard work.", L.F. of Seattle.


"...It's really great what you guys do! and how easy you make it for us to add in more things. It's just the coolest thing there is!", Tobey~ via the Internet

"...has certainly earned its name: no other program of this type that I've tried was anywhere near as 'easy' as this to use...", Review by Klaus Prichatz on Simflight.com

"Quite simply, the name “EZ Scenery” says it all. This is the easiest way to add that certain something to your favorite airport... Whether adding a jetway to a terminal, or completely revamping an entire airport, city, or out of the way area, there is no easier or more precise way to get it done than with EZ Scenery.", Review by Brian Fletcher on Avsim website

"As a scenery designer I award this product 8.5 out of 10 points. It is without doubt an ingenious tool", Review by Sales Wick on Swiss site Flusiforum

"With EZ-Scenery, I can incorporate the 3D models in my scenery without requiring other programs....Thank you very much for this beautiful product", J. Gonzalez of Colombia

"...it is great to be able to create your own buildings using FSDS V3 and then simply transferring them using EZ-Scenery. You have a winner on your hands here, especially as most of the objects from RWY12 work with EZ-Scenery as well", N. Birch via Internet

"I just downloaded EZ-SCENERY... you guys hit a home run.", G. Fout of Newport, TN.

"This program is for the general public and will be appreciated by users who want to build sceneries easily, even if they don't have experience... everyone can do it", G van Nieuwenhuyzen Online Review at simflight.nl

"Thanks very much, just created my first EZ scenery file. This is easier than I thought. Both the EZ scenery and FSDS3 are fantastic products and would recommend to anyone.", Nigel Young via Internet

"I am extremely well pleased with your EZ Scenery", D Gomez via Internet


"I have installed it and you have made my day. It truly make the Flight Sim experience a lot more fun and realistic to know where all the airports are and their elevation etc.", G. Papalios via the Internet

Flight Deck 5:

"Great ground effects, both sea and land. Cross the ground at an alarming speed, fingers over the release buttons, ready to drop the bombs, targets sighted, GO, and drop a string of the 50 boms allowed. Right left up and over hard back to see the devastation... it is a must, especially if you are seeking a program tha offers a little different set of challenges.", Review by Nigel Martin for FlightSim.com

... a very nice job was done to make these models look authentic... these are some fine models to cruise in and a 'frame rate friendly' super carrier to land them on... ", Review by Farmboyzim

Flight Deck 4:

"I just want to thank you for the enjoyment I am getting from Flight Deck 4. I am an aging real world pilot and could lose my medical certificate tomorrow and still have a gas flying FS2004 with your add ons.", C.V., via the Internet

"The fun of Flight Deck 4 lies in the way sum of the parts that make up such a great deal ... Flight Deck 4 really, truly does succeed. I enjoyed playing with it more than I can say.", Andrew Herd, review at FlightSim.Com

"Wonderful Add-on for FSX ... ", G.D. via the Internet

"The models are crisp and clean...(the new catapult and arrestor system) has improved framerates significantly. On landings I got almost double)", Charles Kohler, review Virtual Pilot

"steam catapult fires, and instantly, the Super Hornet is on the move, quite literally 0 – 140 kts in 2 seconds flat! The sensation is exhilarating to say the least, and you can almost feel the effect of the ‘cat shot’ shoving you back into your seat. In a little more than a blink of the eye, you’re out of deck... Yep, you’re flying!", Alexis Exquerra, review Avsim

"Abacus has to be applauded for the introduction of a 'different' experience we can have a 'play' with. Naval aviation is an incredible achievement, and demands the utmost respect to the pilots (and the deck crew) that land their aircraft onto a heaving pitching and rolling deck in filthy conditions both day and night. Wow awesome.", Nigel Martin review Flightsim.com

Flight Deck 3:

"Outstanding program!!!", P. Ward of Ellijay, GA.

"... I am very pleased with my recently purchased Flight Deck 3. Truly, the most beautifully designed carrier available - payware or freeware.", M.D. via Internet
"... has surpassed all my expectations ....very grateful and impressed", M.S. via Internet

"WOW! You guys are fast. I just ordered Flight Deck 3 yesterday and received it today. Thanks!"

Fly the Airbus A380:

“This has got to be one of the most beautifully designed plane model that I have flown out of all the flight sims that I have owned! When I’m flying it, I spend a lot of my time looking at it from the external view, and at every angle that is possible. Thanks guys, I made it a very inexpensive Christmas gift to myself that I will enjoy for hours on end.", Mike Siggers (MCPO Ret.)

"The detail is extraordinary!...an easily understood Flight Manual, that I highly recommend that you read...The flight dynamics are exceptionally recreated in this model...From the detail of the cockpit to the detailed landing gear, the effort that went into this aircraft can easily be seen and respected....this is a deal that you really should not pass up!", Review by Farmboyzim at Fsimcafe

"they are, as I just said, FANTASTIC! ...Airbus A-380 gave me information that AIRBUS wouldn't send me when the first production flew last spring. Give me more, Give Me More!!!", Brian D. via the Internet

Fly the Airbus Fleet:

"I have just downloaded and installed the Abacus Airbus Fleet and all I can say is "brilliant"!  If this is any indication of the standard of programming that Abacus puts out then I will certainly be buying more add ons for my flight sims, especially FSX. Absolutely brilliant...", T. Canon of Australia.

"I am especially impressed with the Fly the Airbus ... because of the amount of aircraft versions and mostly because of the Virtual cockpit and cabins! Those are my favorites!", M. Kropp of Alberta, Canada

"...this package is definitely worth the money and would make a nice addition to any Flight Sim collection", Brian Fletcher review on Avsim Online

FS Design Studio:

"I have been using you website for years and would have never managed to get the the point I am now with modeling aircraft for flight simulator without it. What you have done with developing tutorials is amazing and deserves some considerable respect. For years I have been meaning to send a note to let you know just how much your work has helped me...but of course never have. Anyways, for me your help has been crucial in my learning and I really appreciate it.", Shawn Lund via Internet

"FS Design Studio V3 is an amazing technological marvel that simplifies the design, construction, animation, and implementation of aircraft, static displays, flight-line vehicles, buildings, cars, trucks, ships, and in deed anything that you would want to fly or use for static or dynamic scenery in Flight Simulator...If you are not familiar with the process of creating your own aircraft and scenery objects, you are missing out on one of the most incredible and rewarding aspects of Flight Simulator.", Brian Fletcher in review on Avsim Online

"I recommend this utility for anyone and everyone, young and old!  With the all too easy tutorial format, anyone can be making aircraft and scenery to enjoy, and to offer it to other simmers to enjoy!", Review by Farmboyzim at Fsimcafe

"Some of the best freeware aircraft were created with FSDS and Version 3 is now technically at the highest level today...the ability to produce genuine MDL and BGL files.", Sergio di Fusco review in Flight Express Magazine

"...you can create very beautiful objects for Flight Simulator in a short time", Rob de Vries in review on SimFlight.nl website (Dutch)

"You guys are Awesome!! ...has worked wonderfully so far, and your customer support is always the best", R. Schlegel of Nevada.

"...it is great to be able to create your own buildings using FSDS V3 and then simply transferring them using EZ-Scenery. You have a winner on your hands here, especially as most of the objects from RWY12 work with EZ-Scenery as well", N. Birch via Internet

"Your Team has pulled off a nice ... present for the design community with something well worth the wait. ...Thank you for sparing me from the Max learning curve!", D. Booth of Wisconsin "Perhaps you should post a warning in the section for FS Studio. This software is ADDICTIVE! I sat in front of my computer for 2 hours yesterday and made a Gee Bee completely from scratch. Congratulations on making such a fantastic piece of software.", A.G. via Internet

FS Free Press:

"Your FS Free Press is a great idea. I like to read 'how to' articles when they are written by someone who knows their subject. Yours fits the bill perfectly. Well done", Nigel Jones of Tasmania, AUSTRALIA via Internet

"I just wanted to thank all the authors who have written these excellent articles. All of them have been well written and has added to my knowledge of using FS2004. The ILS article was very informative, and I really enjoyed the "night time flying" and "low to high" article, but again, all of them are great. I hope to see more articles.", John via Internet

FS Repaint:

" For ease of use alone, this product is worth the price ... open up the doors of repainting as well, and educate you as to what's going on inside all of those aircraft files. You can't help but learn as you go!", Review by Farmboyzim

" Where FS Repaint does excel is as an introduction to repainting FS aircraft liveries and such, it is the best integrated package I have had the privilege to review. The vast majority of ordinary simmers will find that FS Repaint does everything they want out of the box, and if other people have as much fun with it as I did, well, it might just inspire them to move on to greater things.", Review by Andrew Herd at FlightSim.Com website

"Thank you for providing a great aircraft repainting program. FS REPAINT is so easy to use and it makes repaints fun.", John Schmitt of Tuscon, AZ.

"I am sending you 4 different repaints done using your FS Repaint. I love this program; it makes it so very easy to repaint an airplane.", D Snyder from Binghamton, NY.

"I spent the night designing the paint scheme on a DC-3... Awsome!", J Boynton from Maine

"to be honest with you, it's a fantastic program and the concept is truely brilliant to say the least. What you have done is opened up the door for so many people that would love to try their hand at doing repaints but have in the past be very restricted ....yet FSRepaint does just about everything you could ever imagine.", IT from Australia

"Just had a quick try using the default R22, and it works like a dream ! The program's front end is a joy to use...The fact that FSRepaint maintains the reflective textures is a real time saver.", SC from U.K.

"I made a few changes to the Cessna 172 which was fairly easy to do and that change was on my own.", JS from Illinois.

"I think you have a winner here, especially how I can view my project with the alpha's and even edit the Alpha and RGB at the same time. You have a winner here I am sure!!!", T.H. from Canada

"I've spent the last couple of nights intensively repainting the default FS2004 R22, and all was going swimmingly.", MH from Ohio

"I have absolutely no hesitation in commending and recommending this product to any person who is considering doing repaints - the price is outstanding - the tools are simply excellent - the integration to other environments are smooth and efficient and last but not least the 3D instant updated views whilst you tinker are the best thing I have seen, ever, for flight simming from an aircraft repainter's perspective." GJS of Australia

"an easy to paint program that's made for Flightsimmer's who always wanted to paint and believe me it's easy!", JP via Internet

Military A/C Collector's Edition:

"Many atta-boy's to you!", G. Robertson of Ryderwood, WA.

Mission: Blackhawk:

"Perfecting hovering to rescue stranded people off the top of buildings or pitching and sinking ships will definitely take some practice. Thiese add on missions offer a great challenge and the varous Blackhawks are greatly detailed and look wonderful.", review by Jeff Gedgaud at Associated Content

"this gem...let me sum it up in 2 words...AWE-SOME! ... Six GREAT, (and I DO mean GREEEAATT) missions to wet your appetite! ... Everything from SAR missions (Search and Rescue) surrounded by tornados, to Naval ship replenshments at sea.", review by Rick Norris at FlightSim Pilot Shop.

Mission: Combat Force :

"I can say without a doubt Ron Jeffers, Phil Castellanos and the whole team at Abacus have done a marvelous job with this product....Two thumbs up for creativity in designing the missions. Great exterior model of the A-10, and great flight model. All missions are challenging and entertaining with great sound effects and great visual effects as well.", review by Gustavo Mercado at FlightSim.Com

PB5-5A Catalina :

"a worthy addition to anyone's "hangar" and for versatility, it is a very useful aircraft with a steady speed range and a slow climb rate...The detailed finish and especially the landing gear area is superb, even the rear side blisters rotate to give entry or exit to this super airplane, and are well above the water to be capable of opening them when on water without sinking the ship...this one is a winner." , review by Laurie Aston at Avsim.Com

Platinum Collection Aircraft:

"Just want to let you know the Lockheed Constellation is probably one of the best aircraft I've tried on FS2004", D Luchak via Internet.

"The (Lockheed Constellation) is great and the sounds and models are fantastic. They work great", P Lapierre via Internet.

Premier Collection Aircraft :

"I know you must get tons of these, but I wanted to add another, I LOVE all the products I have purchased from you guys. (fly before you buy) I am a learn as I look type person and without some of your products I would probably still be trying the flight lessons or sitting on the runway. I have tried some others from different companies that I won't name, but there was no comparison. The ease of installation is wonderful, The FAQ pages squashed the only problem I had. Outstanding work, thank you all for it. ", Tim Webber of Ballwin, MO.  

"I just wanted you to know about this for this little plane (Safire Jet) is AWESOME!  Handles well....  looks great...nice effects", Sharon Smith via the Internet  

"Thank you so much for making this great aircraft available for download. I refer to the CH801... it works great!", Larry Miner of Sugarland, TX.

"The Premier Collection is absolutely outstanding.", S. Kaplan of Brookline, MA.  

"I downloaded a 7 day preview of your AH-64 Apache. I am an instructor in this aircraft and considered the product quite impressive.", D. Carlton of Kissimmee, FL.

"Thank you. The Saab is without a doubt the easiest plane to fly, nice clear instrument panel, it lands itself.", J. Chaplis of Shrewsbury, MA.

Seaplane Adventures:

"Love it!", C Gettmann of N. Jackson, OH.

"Great planes, especially the Zenith CH-801", D. Dye of Visalia, CA.

"Awesome features", T. McDaniel of Plainfield, IL.

Tips, Tricks & Trips:

"I teach Aviation Technology to senior elementary students. We work out of St. Clair College
in Chatham, Ontario, Canada. In preparing my lessons and presentations, I made extensive use of Tips and Tricks. I find the writing to crisp and to the point. All the key elements are covered and if anyone takes the time to study the book in depth, they will certainly have a firm foundation for further study and exploration. Well done !!"
, Paul Theriault of Chatham, Ontario

TV Slideshow Studio:

"Your software is awesome", M Joyce McAllister via the Internet

"I have tried so many different slideshow programs that I almost gave up looking for a program that had every thing I was looking for, until I came across TV Slideshow 2. I downloaded a free trial and was amazed. When I was creating my first slideshow from the photos, with text and transitions and all the rest of the effects, my slideshow turned out great.", Robert Last via the Internet

"This is the best slideshow program I have found. I have 3 others at 2x the cost.  They can't compare with the TV Slideshow. Most don't allow for more than 1 song let alone the transitions. Just having a great time making DVD slideshows.", G. Fannin via the Internet

"This is by far the best slideshow program I have bought and used", Candy via the Intenet

"Just bought Slideshow Studio and it's a great product for the price.", Kris via the Internet  

"Just bought Slideshow Studio and love it.  I had used the newest version from xxxxxxx but yours tops it.  You sure can't beat the price.", E. Owens via the Internet  

USA Extreme Landscapes:

"USA Extreme Landscapes installs easily on FSX, FSX+SP1, and FSX on Vista systems. As a bonus, Eaglesoft’s fine Liberty Aerospace XL2 touring aircraft is included... USA Extreme Landscapes is about as good as I would expect to see from a newer terrain mesh for FSX.", Jeff Shyluk review on Avsim

"EXTREME is GREAT!!! I have recommended to two others ", P. Huffines of Coupville, WA.

Visual Aircraft Studio:

"Compared to the texturing method of FSDS 3, I would say that the Visual Aircraft & Scenery Studio is much easier to use, and will provide the same stunning results", Brian Fletcher review on Avsim


"I love the program... I am a ... retired flight operations instructor.", K. Skapa of Denver, CO.

"You guys have great products", S. Haney of Hillsboro, OR.

World Extreme Landscapes :

"Ive loaded the South American scenery and flew the first flight in the Vans aircraft. My wildest expectations had been exceeded with this product. The terrain appears awesome 'jaw dropping'", Johann Keyser of Zaire.

"By adding World Extreme Landscapes to Flight Simulator, your virtual world will become filled with a never before seen realism of mountains with actual peaks, rivers, lakes, and streams with defined banks, and terrain with a level of detail considerably more definitive than the default terrain...I would recommend this add-on for all enthusiasts who are looking for an affordable way to add a lot of eye candy to Flight Simulator without draining the frame rates", Brian Fletcher Avsim Online Review.

"In short, it is the most cost effective upgrade that any user can make to Microsoft Flight Simulator. It is so nice to have the rolling hills and ridge lines of southwestern Pennsylvania - it had looked way too much like western Ohio / Indiana (flat as a pancake)", John Merryman Jr via Internet.

"It is very difficult to describe the huge difference the terrain grid makes to scenery, it does not matter whether it is low lying hills, like I see in the SW of England or the Alps in Switzerland....The difference in appearance of mountain ranges and other features is mind-blowing!", Hugh Garlick, PC Flight Magazine.

"... is really worth every penny, you will never look at Flight Simulator the same way again once you have installed World Extreme Landscapes.", Gene Davis review in Computer Pilot Magazine.

Abacus is a privately held company based in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Abacus corporate offices are located at:

Abacus Software, Inc.
3413 Roger B Chaffee SE
Grand Rapids, Michigan 49546 U.S.A.

Phone (616) 241-3404
Fax   (616) 241-3408
Email info@abacuspub.com

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